Americas’ Secret Top Tier Animal

Americas’ Secret Top Tier Animal

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01. Eyewitness Acoustic Cover – Ludi
02. Black Ops 2 Theme
03. F- Zero – Mute City
04. Old RuneScape Soundtrack- The Trade Parade
05. Eyewitness Outro

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Kruger Latest Sightings


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33 Responses

  1. Noah Horinek says:

    I paid for a month of Nebula just to see this video early. Didn’t disappoint.
    My next play through’s gonna either be a gemsbok or a pronghorn y’all.

  2. Not Funny says:

    He called human structures a balance patch

    This really underlines just how OP humans are

    • Piratenpunk says:

      Nerf humans

    • CryoChick says:

      Devs ‘well make the most op build be a social build that hates each other, surely they won’t become a problem and just constantly fight each other the entire time’

    • StormWave342 says:

      @Piratenpunk Dude, Humans seem to be the only player base that self-imposes nerfs on themselves.

    • Ageis Hyena says:

      @CryoChick I think that was the true intent, but players are going to player and no plan of the devs is ever save from the playerbase’s shenanigans.

    • CryoChick says:

      @Ageis Hyena I mean yea that’s the joke. How could they not see that even with a little bit of teamwork they become a problem once they stop murdering each other. And oddly enough murder each other made them better at being oppressive towards other builds.

  3. Asteroid says:

    While going solo camping, I used to wake up to a party of pronghorns invading my camp. A lot of the times I could hear them walking around in the night. It made me feel good because I knew the pronghorns players would only hangout next to me if a predator build wasn’t close by.

    • gnarlyandy1 says:

      It could attract pronghorn predators to your camp. There wasn’t any predators but a predator tracking them would likely then pass through your camp.

    • NAMAN says:

      Animal inspires me.. My parents said if i get 40K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

  4. Professor Dragonite says:

    It’s always nice to see TierZoo shine a spotlight on these obscure builds. Sometimes, it’s the unknown innovations that produce the best results.

  5. Rainpooper says:

    If we’re talking ancient survivalists, how come we haven’t heard anything about monotremes like platypuses and echidnas yet? They’re some of the oldest and most unique mammal builds in the game.

    • Secret_Takodachi says:

      niche build with no endgame hate to say it, but it’s only a matter of time until they get functionally removed from the overall game. At least in terms of platypuses mains. They’ve wasted recent resources on positive cartoon representation, but their own viability long-term is still diminishing.

  6. Bottas Heimfe says:

    I never knew Pronghorns aren’t related to deer, but are related to Giraffes! Thanks TierZoo for the lesson!

  7. StarWolf says:

    new TierZoo video :0
    Glad you’re shedding light on pronghorns! I’ll be honest, whenever I talk about pronghorns to anyone like half of them ask what a pronghorn is 😭 really sucks because pronghorns are heckin awesome and super underrated animals 😀

  8. JordaniusVonRhod says:

    I love seeing a majestic herd of prong horns on the Great Plains.

    • Battle Bro says:

      Sounds like some cool fantasy D&D shit to someone who has never seen an animal more interesting than a fox, or a biome other than basic European forest and grasslands.

    • manictiger says:

      Better hope that the forum rumors of future strife on the N. American map are just that, rumors. Otherwise, the human mains might start mining the pronghorns for XP and they may get phased out of the game.

    • Max Eberlein says:

      Come visit Yellowstone! You wanna see big ice age mammals everywhere? We got em!

    • Vegan_Semih_Cyprus_33 says:

      The story of your enslavement, the “elite” exposed 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 💖

    • Moppsis says:

      red dead redemption reference

  9. Mitchell Ginn says:

    You know it’s an S-Tier week when Tierzoo uploads.

  10. Mason Dillard says:

    Last year I had a job surveying birds in the short grass prairies of Colorado. Pronghorns were pretty common and were very curious, I think largely because they knew they were far faster than anything else out there. They would come up pretty close behind me and make a weird and loud bark / grunt noise which could be quite startling! Upon turning around they’d sprint a little bit away and then stop and stare at me as if they were trying to taunt me because they knew I couldn’t catch them! Very cool animals – I’m glad they are getting some love as I feel they’re very under appreciated!

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