Overwatch 2: Invasion | Official Trailer | New Support Hero, Flashpoint, and More

Overwatch 2: Invasion | Official Trailer | New Support Hero, Flashpoint, and More

An all-new adventure begins.

Experience the next chapter of the Overwatch saga in Invasion Story Missions, unleash solar power as the newest Support Hero Illari, fight for control of two new maps in the new permanent game mode Flashpoint, and so much more.

New ways to play await in Overwatch 2: Invasion, launching Aug 10 at 12pm PT.
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51 Responses

  1. Im_Squidgy says:

    I loved when Pharah fell over as soon as she ulted. Truly an overwatch experience

  2. I Eat Plastic says:

    I’m interested to see how the new heroes healing actually works. Seems unique.

  3. Ryan Kwon says:

    It will be interesting if the omnic skins on the heroes could refer to Null Sector creating omnic enforcers that could copy or match the heroes’ abilities and skills similar to how Echo mimics her opponents and allies. It will be an interesting fight for the heroes to fight their omnic counterparts if used in future story campaigns. However, I believe it won’t be the case for the Overwatch 2 story campaign coming out on August 10.

    • FireBlitz says:

      It’s be pretty cool if we can see that! So far, we have Ana, McCassidy, lucio, Kiriko, and Pharah for zombie related skins.

    • koo_cold says:

      Yeah, literally thought of the same concept a couple minutes ago

    • Sean Benoit says:

      This is boring and recycling content. They’re trying to do more with less resources since Bobby ruined the team 4 mantra.

    • Jervenshmine says:

      ​@FireBlitz don’t forget junkbot and roadbot

    • koo_cold says:

      @Sean Benoit idk, isn’t it the same as like winter games skins, Halloween skins, etc. And now a wave of omnic skins, why not??? It’s not a bad idea, at least it very much does fit in the Overwatch universe

  4. TaéxerTV says:

    I’m some how more excited for this season than I was for the release of ow2. I like this feeling I really hope they continue to make every season feel like this and less like season 3-5. I don’t ever wanna get seasons like those again

    • dahahaka says:

      Imma give you a hint, they’re releasing what took them 3 years, now take a guess how they’re gonna keep up with this in the coming seasons

    • Eye Den says:

      They’re not gonna be. This is an insane amount of stuff to release every three months. This is the culmination of years of stuff saved up

    • Doff says:

      You absolutely will get seasons like those again

    • Xperto says:

      You realize this is what we get instead of an entire PvE campaign that was the whole reason OW became OW2 in the first place?

    • soup says:

      yeah, they just don’t have the resources to put anything out really, devs don’t have the staff/budget for that. And going back to 3-3.5 month style seasons is very dangerous if you don’t have enough strong content and really interesting stuff to pull players in or improve the QoL of the game.

      This is actually not that bad, I agree. But honestly still less exciting than ow1 stuff. Probably more interesting because they actually are gonna add a lotta stuff, but it seems like to be mostly filler that nobody wants that much and they need to give us “something”. (like workshop was truly exciting and useful and had a place. I hope Hero mastery is good enough to get beginners into the game faster so they don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the ropes)

      I hope the new maps are way better than stupid Push maps that are absolutely horrible, including the arctic KOTH map that is worse than HLC and Paris.

  5. TheHellsingHQ says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! A shame I’m not as excited for it as I should be. I love Overwatch! Ever since the beta days and have been with it for years, and I want to play, I just don’t want to be disappointed anymore.

    • kindred says:

      I know what you mean, there was a point in time when I was a really big blizzard fan, I played so much overwatch and hearthstone. But since a couple years ago it just hasn’t felt the same, which stinks because I still do enjoy the ip’s just not what the company has done.

    • HeyNavi says:

      Get ready to be disappointed even more

    • Law Rence says:

      same bro, same

    • xman says:

      It kinda sucks that I will never feel hype for a blizzard release ever again. I can respect when they put out good content, but I will never expect them to put out good content anymore.

    • FiringallCylinders says:

      I had been playing since Season 1 in 2016 and I Uninstalled. It just wasn’t fun for me anymore unfortunately. It was always my favorite game but I just can’t anymore with the incompetentcy of Blizzard.

  6. N' D says:

    I like the effort they’re putting on this season. I really hope they can bring back remade versions of old 2CP maps to fit new game modes in OW2.

    • shooting star. says:

      Well, Given that Ow2 has been on a decline worse than OW1, They have to start putting more effort into their seasons. If this season fails as hard as their other ones, OW might just be shut down in general.

  7. Spicy Gator says:

    Say what you will about the content or balance but the art team never fails us

  8. alice says:

    every season needs to be like this!!

    • Christian C11 says:

      The sad thing is, this is the season where we get the content that we didn’t get for 3 Years. 3 YEARS. We’ll never get a content drop like this ever again

    • dahahaka says:

      Too little too late, this should’ve been season 1

    • Jayden says:

      ​@dahahaka then why even watch this. Why even play the game. This looks hype af, if you don’t like it we don’t need you here

    • Christian C11 says:

      @Jayden people don’t understand if you like something you can criticize it because you like it and you want it to improve. Unless you’re a new player there is literally not enough content being put in the game to keep you playing

    • dahahaka says:

      @Christian C11 exactly this, I wish for overwatch to return to it’s glory but at this point all hope is lost for me personally

  9. Captain Cowboy | MSM says:

    the art team is literally so good at what they do

  10. Azure Alexander says:

    Finally a healing turret! Been wanting that on a support for ages. Her design looks super sick honestly.

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