Pat McAfee Reacts LIVE To Brandon Staley Getting Fired After One Of NFL’s Biggest Blow-Out Loss

Pat McAfee Reacts LIVE To Brandon Staley Getting Fired After One Of NFL’s Biggest Blow-Out Loss

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55 Responses

  1. @georgepatterson2737 says:

    My biggest fear as a Steelers fan is they let go of Mike T and we end up getting a coach like this.

    • @danielmeeker5719 says:

      No kidding. As terrible as the Steelers look, they’re still winning and in position for a playoff spot.

    • @soulessshadow5356 says:

      That was my sentiment about Coach Payton when he left the Saints, but then he joined Denver and I realized that he was being propped up by Drew and a GM with a somewhat competent ability to draft/build a team. That being said, man I just cannot see the Steelers letting go of Mike T. He’s still a very good coach, but he’s being let down by the ownership and their lack of ability to put together a decent team.

    • @CoachMacdaddy says:

      That’s what the Pats are gonna do

    • @blortflorington9165 says:

      @@danielmeeker5719 Yes but the Steeler’s upside with Tomlin the past ~3 years is a wild card loss. I think that while he’s still a good coach the Steelers need a new voice, I mean they lost to teams with 2 wins in back 2 back weeks. And don’t give the backup qb excuse, tons of teams with less talent then the Steelers are winning with their backups.

    • @dennissnyder6330 says:

      Knowing the Rooney’s they will probably hire the first woman coach

  2. @CinemaJacket says:

    I feel like the entire NFL’s fan bases were actively rooting for this to happen by halftime last night. The amount of Herbert and Chargers haters I saw being horrified by the game and feeling sorry for Herbert was insane.

    • @radamrussell says:

      Sherm said it during the half-time show…’they should make history and fire this guy now.’

    • @2nd-place says:

      As a Chiefs fan, what they did to Brandon Staley is wrong and they should be ashamed. Same with Josh McDaniels and Nathaniel Hackett. All amazing coaches who deserved better. I am beside myself right now! So heartless!!

    • @CinemaJacket says:

      @@2nd-place I felt the same about how they treated Matt Nagy in Chicago… Couldn’t believe they didn’t give him a 10 year extension. And now I hope the Chiefs keep him forever.

    • @LoFoSho says:

      @@2nd-placeand that’s why your second place

    • @rohanshah7559 says:

      Dude he’s being ironic – as a chiefs fan, he wants everyone to keep their trash coaches so the chiefs can keep steamrolling

  3. @makerofgains says:

    It’s so funny that he foreshadowed himself being fired 😂

  4. @pride893 says:

    How this man kept his job for another year after the playoffs last year will always be a mystery to me.

    • @Goodchicken_lameducks says:

      I said the same thing after the Falcons blew that 28-3 lead to NE in the Super Bowl and Dan Quinn didn’t get immediately fired. You can’t have that kind of loss on the big stage and EVER regain the confidence of the locker room ever again. That’s a wrap. You gotta move on somewhere new and start over. Is that fair? Not really, but it’s reality.

    • @bigfootwalker5399 says:

      Fire Kellen Moore also

    • @Ivan-wm5rr says:

      No mystery, trash managing from the owners, been like that for years

    • @jakecollin5499 says:

      Because they’re the Chargers and made the playoffs. Why would you fire a coach that makes the playoffs. Surely you’re not delusional enough to think this team can win a Super Bowl. Chargers have like 3 good players.

    • @anthonyslazas6413 says:

      I thought he’d be fired after Jacksonville, game and hire Sean Payton

  5. @xConceptz1 says:

    Brandon Staley: “Otherwise we’d get blown out.”
    Team: *Hold My Beer*

  6. @nicks8277 says:

    As a raiders fan. I’m going to miss Staley so much.

    • @tmnt1998 says:

      as a bills fan me too, was hoping he would last 2 more weeks lmao

    • @moshegoldberg9685 says:

      The Raiders were 3-3 against Staley…it’s not like they were getting two easy wins a year.

    • @britt277582 says:

      @@moshegoldberg9685 Yes but we won the playoff elimination game in 2021 and historically beat them down yesterday with Staley at the helm. Two most important wins over his tenure, the first got Raiders into the playoffs, the 2nd got him fired.

    • @augustogabrielli9463 says:

      ⁠@@moshegoldberg9685 it’s kind of a wash, but if you’re Staley, the two worst loses of your HC career came from the raiders. Last night and week 18 in two seasons ago when the chargers lost the playoff bid in overtime. Seems like he has a raider curse in late season games.

    • @servicedogojokeguys2967 says:

      The raiders can’t build a good team anyway so I don’t know why you care 😂😂

  7. @davidstufflebean3285 says:

    As a Broncos fan I am really sad that Staley got fired I was hoping he would stay another 10 years.

  8. @garrett717 says:

    The lions curb-stomped the raiders and caused their HC to be fired, now the raiders paid it forward to the chargers

  9. @FNLWEEZY says:

    People is not mentioning how the raiders offensive coordinator first time sitting in the box and he did this. Great adjustment and moving from the field to the box

  10. @raygrunzinger1815 says:

    An underlying question? What did Eli and Archie Manning know about the ownership/management of the Chargers that they did not want Eli playing for them all those years ago. Think lastest developments are symptoms of something within the organization that breeds dysfunction. Firing B. Staley does not really fix the problem.

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