An Offering From Drumeo | Sleep Token II

An Offering From Drumeo | Sleep Token II

This is the first recorded video interview that any member of Sleep Token has ever done. We are honored that II has decided to do this with Drumeo.

II is a founding member and the drummer for the anonymous band Sleep Token. Join II and Brandon as they discuss the band’s recent album ‘Take Me Back to Eden’ and the evolution of his drumming style across their three albums. He gives us a unique glimpse into his drumming techniques, how he creates his drum parts with Sleep Token, and vocabulary that defines his drumming style.

This is an offering from Drumeo.


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00:00 – Intro
00:06 – “Vore” by Sleep Token (Performance)
05:29 – Welcome
06:37 – “The Night Does Not Belong To God” by Sleep Token (Performance)
09:16 – Influences
09:51 – “Chokehold” by Sleep Token (Performance)
12:48 – The Evolution of II’s Drumming
14:15 – “Gods” by Sleep Token (Performance)
17:55 – “Dark Signs” by Sleep Token (Performance)
21:47 – Developing Drum Parts
23:36 – “The Apparition” by Sleep Token (Performance)
26:53 – Drumming Style
28:30 – “Atlantic” by Sleep Token (Performance)
29:59 – Favorite Rudiments
30:25 – “Alkaline” by Sleep Token (Performance)
32:58 – “Like That” by Sleep Token (Performance)
36:15 – Creative Liberties
38:19 – “Rain” by Sleep Token (Performance)
41:27 – Favorite Drummers
41:58 – “Take Me Back To Eden” by Sleep Token (Performance)
47:52 – Favorite Songs To Perform Live
49:01 – Final Thoughts
49:16 – “Higher” by Sleep Token (Performance)
53:00 – Outro
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32 Responses

  1. @DrumeoOfficial says:

    This is the first recorded video interview that any member of Sleep Token has ever done. We are honored that II has decided to do this with Drumeo. 🎬 If you want to try this and many other Sleep Token drumless songs, get a 7-Day Free trial to check out Drumeo! 👉🏼

  2. @CAPTAINCHAOS_ says:

    I am not surprised II chose Drumeo for this. They are nothing but professional, respectful, and passionate about the craft.

  3. @trevorhamlin9747 says:

    How could you not expect the most intelluctual level of dialogue from this guy if you are a fan of Sleep Token. His genius needed no verification, but what a treat to hear him speak. I hope II never gets unmasked, but continues to get the credit he deserves.

  4. @bgoogly5905 says:


  5. @senile_in_denial says:

    II is disgustingly talented, this is spectacular. Thank you to everyone who made this possible

  6. @JanetMyprofileisfun says:

    I love how he doesn’t play the songs note for note, either live or in this video. It’s very refreshing to hear that there is a strong level of feel/emotion on top of the technicality.

  7. @MP-wd7fp says:

    II is from a whole different planet. He’s absolutely unreal

  8. @sainzfab says:

    Well done to Drumeo for filming this in a way that preserves the Sleep Token lore

  9. @theodoraflory says:

    I feel like there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said but this drumming speaks to me. So grateful for II and Sleep Token deciding to do this interview and play through, and for drumeo making this a reality. II has absolutely phenomenal artistry and is by far my favorite drummer.

  10. @brunaalmeida1268 says:

    Muito obrigada por nós proporcionar esse momento maravilhoso na presença desse baterista incrível que é II do Sleep Token!! Sou muito fã 💚🇧🇷🙌🏾✨

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