Dramatic Non-Surgical Facelift with Tape?!?! REAL or SUS? #shorts #facelifting

Dramatic Non-Surgical Facelift with Tape?!?! REAL or SUS? #shorts #facelifting

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  1. Anthony Youn, MD says:

    These facelift tapes are often used in Hollywood (Joe Pesci?). Keep in mind they are only temporary! I hear Dr. Ricky Brown wears these every day.

  2. retro gadget says:

    Before you buy these, just know that the constant pulling on your skin will give you MORE wrinkles in the exact areas you are trying to “correct.” She looks great both ways and there’s nothing wrong with using this though.

  3. Natasha Raisor says:

    This is what old movie stars have used for 100 years. I’m a makeup artist and I use it on clients all the time.

  4. Madison October says:

    These tapes are great but this video has a filter put over it when she puts them on. The dark pigment spots on the left side of her face completely disappear.

  5. Josh Britton says:

    Oh my gosh that difference is insane.

    • EnikOwO says:

      She had an old lady filter on, you can see where it changes.

    • Dolphin550 says:

      She is truely a material girl

    • Fuzz Buzz says:

      @Backinblack Bunny then maybe y’all should let it happen? Didn’t say or imply that people should stay 25… What I was saying though is…. That is HELLA dishonest imo. I’m thinking of this as a ‘just met this girl’ type of situation.

    • Nina Marise says:

      @LauraBidingCitizen it’s 10000% a filter. He was obviously fooled. Watch it again, her ENTIRE complexion and skin texture changes and smoothes over…. cmon guys, is everyone really falling for this??🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Viola Miller says:

      @LauraBidingCitizen even the creator of this tiktok said that it’s a filter so there was no need to be rude

  6. ROBERT CORDER says:

    You can make your own with surgical tape and thin round elastic, found at fabric stores. You can put them in multiple places, the ones at the neck get rid of the sagging neck, the ones at the temple lift the eyes, etc. They apply makeup over them, then comb the hair over it so they are not visible.

  7. Kat Howard says:

    “This is real” Dr Youn watching his employment slip before his eyes. He’s quaking.

  8. Peggy Tirado says:

    Dear Dr. Young,
    I love watching you and your comments. I feel you really care about people. It is so refreshing. I live in Florida and if I could I would love your opinion. Breast Reduction (I have always wanted one. My breast started growing when I was 11 years old and now, well). Tummy Tuck after a c-section years ago. Everything just dropped. I always get told loose weight, but I got down to 103 lbs and now I’m 5’2″ tall. But they still wouldn’t approve through insurance. Now I’m overweight again and 68 and I want to look nice. I lost my husband to Colon Cancer when I was 47. I met him when I was 17 and have never dated anyone else because of my appearance. You are funny and kind, thank you for entertaining those of us who don’t feel like we are enough.

  9. Rachel says:

    Imagine being on a date and like “hold on babe, let me fix the tape on my face”
    Bf: “Uhm ok”
    Bf :“HOLY SHI-

  10. Aditi Dorle says:

    For all those *confused* people : she’s wearing a age filter at the start which is making her look older than what she actually is. And then she takes off the filter and is back to her younger self.😌

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