‘Apex Predators’ War Thunder Update Teaser (feat. 2WEI)

‘Apex Predators’ War Thunder Update Teaser (feat. 2WEI)

The next major update for War Thunder — ‘Apex Predators’!

Written by Christian Vorlander, Simon Heeger, Ruben Norg, Marvin Kucklack, and Hermann Schepetkov
Performed By 2WEI, Edda Hayes
Courtesy of Position Music

Music Supervision by Allison Wright Clark and Formosa Interactive, LLC

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40 Responses

  1. Capitan_Fly says:

    I like how Gaijin still makes the connection with the past teasers, that is in relation to Sergey, something unique and interesting. Hope the story of Rook 1 and Rook 2 will continue.

  2. Bengt Markussen says:

    I rarely get chills, but this trailer was a masterpiece and it gave me feel good chills. Kudos to the creators of the trailer.

    • FRICODEC says:

      @Lucky Hops Tanks? tsk tsk tsk…skill issue

    • the crazyhound says:

      Yea chills for top tier paytowin people

    • Lucky Hops says:

      @Stewart Maclean I have primarily played NATO for 1500 hours. The majority being US, Russia has never been an issue for me. I wont argue the same in regards to tanks though

    • Stewart Maclean says:

      Dude its not lore? Just catering to Russian mains nothing more. Always gotta be gaining speshul widdle favorites. Like the f16 missing the Su22 with an aim9, its there to let them know they have nothing to worry about; even with the Falcon and Tornado, other nations still won’t be able to compete, its symbolic for a reason.

  3. Axon says:

    Bro, the sequence at 2:00 is so good. Give that editor a raise!

  4. Bepis In The Sky says:

    This reminds me when you guys used to make those high budget Trailers that could be both pre render animation and live action. Hope we get to see more of those someday 🙂

    • outsider 959 says:

      Well I like the trailers like “victory is our” but I like the idea of trailers all in the game engine too

  5. R2Y2 says:

    The way they introduce the F-16 after the MiG-29 and Tornado with the outline, cinematic perfection.

  6. Frankabyte says:

    The only time this community ever truly comes together in celebration for this game is whenever a new teaser drops. They’re always flawless and get you pumped to plug in another 200 hours to unlock a single fighter plane.

    • ThomasNorge224 says:

      @Extra Hostile Not sweden. Norway has F-16 so they can go there. Norway has loads of planes that can be added, but arent for whatever reason. Even tho it is copy paste for gaijin. And they love that.

    • Borris Dorris says:

      @chyba Egredz More like 4 hours with a Spaded F-14/MLD.

    • televisio86 says:

      ​@NothingElse YT we don’t know the sidewinder variant yet. All we know is that it’s a modern sidewinder. It can be an AIM-9L or an AIM-9M, who knows, or some upgraded model of the AIM-9L. But let me ask how would an AIM-9X be fair? Having IRCCM, 70G turning capability and 90 degrees HOBS capabilities doesn’t seem so fair does it? Also the A model never carried 9Xs neither did it carry AIM-9Ms. That is gonna be a further upgraded C model where we might see AIM-9Xs. We do not know if Britain gets the Tornado ADV or not, do not throw your hopes out of the window yet. Many times in the past the full picture has unfolded at the dev server, nothing is out of the picture yet. And I do agree that those R-73s are going to be powerful, but they don’t have the best resistance against flares, they are somewhat on par with the R-60MKs. I myself play every tech tree and hope that all of the vehicles are going to be somewhat equal in terms of performance. Now let’s just hope Gaijin didn’t decide to add the ET and ER variants of the alamo.

    • Kommandant Killcode says:

      @NothingElse YT Aim-9Xs are much better than R-73s. Early R-73s don’t even have effective countermeasure resistance. It’s similar to the R-24 when it comes to flare resistance.

    • NothingElse YT says:

      @Dirk Bastiaan de Jong oh yeahhh, no one gets left out. The UK has an IDS Tornado (useless at Air to Air besides AIM-9s) and the F-16 is only shown with AIM-9Ms, all the while the MiG-29 is shown with R-73 High Off Boresight missiles. Mhm, very fair, yup nothing wrong here, yup, nobody gets left out, nope, it’s not like the UK would need an ADV Tornado to keep up with these new fighters, oh and it’s not like the F-16 would need AIM-9Xs to be on par with the MiG-29’s R-73, nope, not at all

  7. Tomathey says:

    These teasers are absolutely incredible, immaculate work Gaijin Entertainment! ♥️

    • the crazyhound says:

      Its shame takes half ur life to unlock unless u pay cause devs do not give a toss about non pay to win people

  8. chr0min0id 04 says:

    I like the dialogue from the three airmen at the beginning. Regardless of where a pilot comes from or their profession, the love of flying is universal…

  9. Matthew Lawrence says:

    The introduction to the F16 felt like something straight out of a horror movie

  10. 4cyl_LOL says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that this hit me in the feels and gave me chills.

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