Are Rhinos OP?

Are Rhinos OP?

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04. Paper Mario Music – New Friend – New Partner
05. Old RuneScape Soundtrack- The Trade Parade
06. Eyewitness Outro

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Kruger Latest Sightings

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35 Responses

  1. XXXEmpoleon says:

    In a way their horns are also one of their biggest weaknesses as the horns are a rare drop wanted by certain portions of the human playerbase

  2. The White Dragon says:

    Fun Fact: The Rhino’s armor is so effective, that there’s an outdated meta from the human playerbase of crafting their own armor from the loot of defeated Rhinos. This tactic was especially common in the Han faction until more easily obtainable harvestable drops were discovered.

    • KartarNighthawk says:

      Widely used in shield manufacture throughout East Africa and India too.

    • DUCK says:

      han faction💀

    • theonlylauri says:

      It can also be crafted into a blue tier whip (sjambok), though these days humans mostly use plastics instead.

    • CocoUltraTrap says:

      Yea that monster hunter patch was crazy, the set bonus was kinda meh anyway

    • Paul Kanja says:

      Fun Fact: The Rhino’s armour is so effective, it has survived a myriad of metas and patches. Not to mention that they don’t really have any predators. As much as I love TZ content, this one felt half baked like the cheetah one. He didn’t have all the basic facts (Rhinos can actually see pretty well), and the final rank felt biased when compared to the match up spread shown earlier. The video felt rushed in general. I’d rather quality over quantity TZ, if you happen to read this.

  3. KingDugan says:

    I feel D tier is a bit harsh. While they definitely have their weaknesses, the fact that they are almost untouchable in the Africa and Asia servers(hard mode) is extremely impressive. The only bad matchups they have are humans and elephants, which could honestly be said for pretty much every species. I think high “C” or low “B” tier would be a more fair placement.

    • TulipanJones says:

      I’d argue for a solid middle C. If you play as a rhino, you ain’t gonna have a good time, but you ain’t gonna have a bad time; you’ll be easily spooked but you also prolly won’t die. Middle of the road feels fair to me

    • Hash Frowns says:

      Rhinos are critically endangered. They need a buff

    • josh robinson says:

      Intelligence is a critical stat is today’s meta. don’t think you can get above C tier without at least slightly below average int stat. Sadly the rhino only beats the rock in the int stat. The video actually puts it higher that it really is.

    • Acidic says:

      This guy doesnt know what hes talking about lmao. He commonly puts animals at an unnecessary position they dont deserve. Hes called salmon a bad species because individuals commonly die in migrations, despite their species being benefited as a whole. Hes also said things like how trike can be taken out by a lion via suffocation (Which I have screenshots of lol) Hes also said leapords could climb trees to kill sauropods lmao.

      Other examples of misinformation include saying seals evolved from bears, He also loves to base how successful an animal is off of “pvp” skills. So you get wildly successful animals at F tier lmao.

  4. Filip Třeba says:

    Sir, let me voice my utter delight at the concept of your channel. Not only do you explore The Outside, which is a noble endeavour on its own, but you bring it to our living rooms in a genuinely interesting format and you speak our language. Honestly you deserve more credit.

  5. SCFD Tutorials says:

    Years later and yet the quality is the same if not better. Hats off for the dedication and storytelling.

  6. UncooperativeMultiplayer says:

    Man its so refreshing to see those sub numbers up in the millions now, these videos have always been top-tier and creative af

  7. Malu says:

    Ever since I saw rhinos placed in D tier in an old video I’ve been waiting for this one. I still think they deserve a C, but I’m so happy this finally came out.

    • UnCanadien says:

      Yeah with a matchup spread like that it is quite confusing

    • Julian Doop says:

      I think they deserve to be higher. Rhino’s as a group are very old and have survived multiple mass extinctions. Their bulk, which is seen as a bad tthing in the video, still keeps an adult healthy indivdiual safe. So its still useful. Not to mention TZ fell for the ‘bad eyesight myth’. which was already debunked in 2008.

    • Jellyman says:

      @Julian DoopHis scorpion video had the same problem. Some misinformation and ranked them too low.

    • Dementia gaming says:

      Bovid 19

    • Julian Doop says:

      @Jellyman I think that’s a big problem with TierZoo’s tiers in general: they don’t seem to be based on anything. He ranked rats as really high partially because they’re found all over the world and can adapt to a great variety of circumstances…But ranked pigeons as like what, F-tier? Despite the fact they do the exact same thing?

      I think the giant panda, cheetah and rhino suffer the most from the misinformation though. Almost every claim about them being low-tier can be debunked pretty easily, and has even been done by actual zoologists.

      TZ’s videos are entertaining, certainly. But I wouldn’t consider them to be 100% accurate or unbiased.

  8. rizla says:

    What did we do to deserve tierzoo and casual geographic on the same day ❤️

  9. YearOfTheBows24 says:

    Can we get a video grading various companion animals in the game? Not just pets that humans keep, but other animals that keep smaller animals to help survive (the spider that keeps frogs to help kill bugs that eats their eggs comes to mind)

  10. Jacob Winters says:

    I feel like TierZoo has the most top-tier edits per minute out of any YouTube channel out there, and the videos just keep getting better. Thanks for giving us another banger of a video!

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