STASIS BONE TOTEM brings you to the terror of the deep sea after deep space, where the ancient ones await alongside fleshy manmade horrors and malevolent AI.
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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Standalone Sequel
00:52 – Game Premise
03:18 – Visuals
08:40 – Music & Sound Design
11:30 – Gameplay Mechanics
14:19 – Story
16:14 – Story (SPOILERS)
36:55 – Conclusions
37:47 – Credits
38:53 – Voices

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43 Responses

  1. MandaloreGaming says:

    UPDATE – A NEW BUILD WAS PUSHED AND THE MEANINGLESS AI CLUES HAVE BEEN OBLITERATED. They’ve apparently had this build “a while” but test thoroughly hence the sudden release.
    THE LIST –

  2. Settlerking says:

    The “hello, my name is Moses, what is your name?” Over the radio followed by a “oh god, he’s found another corpse” is both deeply unsettling and excellent storytelling

  3. The ice pick that killed Trotsky says:

    Mandy is taking this spooky season very seriously. 2 horror game reviews in 2 weeks and it’s not even October.

  4. War Dawg114 says:

    “Heaven is real and it’s also Amazon prime” I’m not sure I was ready for that statement despite it being a stasis video

    • Langton Industries says:

      Rather shallow version of heaven.

    • Ray Anderson says:

      As a Christian myself, I think that’s legitimately the most terrifying concept I can conceive of.

    • Sugewin says:

      That’s easily the scariest thing I’ve heard recently.

    • Lorenzo Pagani says:

      that sentence filled me with such overwhelming dread I need a drink at 10am

    • Dreyri says:

      It would have been scary if a material implant transferring your “consciousness” into a virtual reality seemed even remotely, logically possible. Same with SOMA.
      Seriously, it’s like game developers just read Descartés once and never look back. Never learning about the fact that the entirety of european philosophers, including nobility like the princess of Bohemia, essentially dogpiled on the guy over how nonsensical his dualism is.
      Also, it doesn’t make sense. Assuming god does not exist, which this game implies. Do you really die if your “consciousness” is just transferred into another virtual world which is ultimately based in physical(non-idealist) reality? Isn’t that just immortality? If they can transfer consciousness why aren’t they creating biomechanical bodies for that consciousness?

  5. Baotmer says:

    “Grief is the final, most painful and purest expression of love.” I was not expecting to find solace here of all places, that line hits really hard as of now, but, in a good way, thanks.

  6. jakeh56 says:

    The Balenciaga bit fucking killed me. So true.

  7. DemonBlanka says:

    Calaban reminds me in a way of Sovereign from ME1. Inscrutable intelligence that views itself as so beyond humanity but still full of those so familiar emotions, and the voice is so damn close.

    • Rafael 'Fig' Figueiredo says:

      Funny how this channel covered enough games to make a pantheon of AI gods from it, from Durandal to Lowry

  8. Heisenberg says:

    3 uploads in 4 weeks gotta be the most consistent Mandalore has been in 11 years

  9. Default_7 says:

    Literally just finished watching the first Stasis video damn this is a blessing

  10. jav says:

    The callout about the visual elements as a statement of author intent immediately followed by the direct quote from the art book had me in stitches.

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