Armored Core 6 Is Fantastic

Armored Core 6 Is Fantastic

My review for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. This game is very cool. I have a lot of thoughts after completing 3 playthroughs, and I wanted to share them with as few spoilers as possible.


also big thanks for help from:
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  1. Liquid's Odyssey says:

    Got to respect these guys. Once they reached total global popularity, they didn’t use that platform to milk the same cow every year. Instead they went back to their roots and gave their old game a new look. Very inspiring.

  2. DerkChannel says:

    I’ve beaten every single one of these games at least twice this year, and I wanna let you know you reviewed this incredibly well. You explained the combat better than I’ve heard vets of the series do it. Somehow you got me even more excited than I already was. Great work Pineapple.

    • Deadsnake989 says:

      I haven’t played every single game in the series. But I started with 1st gen when it came out and played them all. Then I played the ever living hell out of AC 2 for many years. Then eventually I played AC 4 and loved it, and Verdict day, and kinda, didn’t. Metal Fruit’s explanation of AC6, definitely got me more excited than I already was.

  3. Dingo says:

    Armored Core was my childhood, I spent countless hours playing, customising, then replaying with new gear, then unlocking even more new gear. The game was pretty ahead of its time in terms of customisation outside of an RPG and I am SO excited to see it make a comeback! Only a few more hours left, It’s a shame I’m an adult now and will have to go to work first 😭

  4. Ever The Altruist says:

    “By X point in the game, I wasn’t even thinking about the controls.”

    As a longtime AC player, that’s great to hear. Back when I was super into AC3, it really felt like you were having to fight the mech to get it to do what you wanted to, no matter how close I felt to pure muscle memory, I just never got to that point. The downside to that is that the game always felt difficult, but the upside was just how accomplishing it felt to finally beat that mission or arena opponent I’d be struggling with. The sweat on the controller and my brow, the way I’d feel almost winded at the end of an encounter was so immersive. The less than ideal controls really made it feel like I was controlling something made of a bunch of different parts I was having to make work. I know I’m probably sending a lot of mixed messages, but Armored Core is a mixed message itself. You’re living this power fantasy, but the threat of debt (which I know isn’t in this, but still) and knowing you aren’t always doing the most ethical or moral thing really mirrors our world in a way you don’t often see.

    I’m so psyched for AC6. It’s preloading now.

    • Action Bastard says:

      I havent played since AC2 and Im really excited to see what From has learned from developing Dark Souls all these years

    • Introseeker says:

      I legit thought you were talking about assassin’s creed. I was wondering how does that connect here 😅

    • Dan Peterson says:

      My fingers were twitching from muscle memory while I was watching the gameplay footage.

    • Temmie Plays! says:

      old AC games had massive controller decks that cosdted hundreds of dollards and even had foot pedals . insane stuff. super immersiev. AC6 is such a departure lol@Introseeker

    • The 79th DudeBro says:

      @Temmie Plays! Steel Battalion isn’t an Armored Core game.

  5. Toan Toan says:

    5:09 this sequence of two mechs moving in parallel across guard rail and the swampy surface is so cool

  6. Vahlok142 says:

    The whole thing with NG+ giving new things to do is a very classic AC thing. Hell, the first AC had a whole system for going into debt, and you could be put so deep into debt that you’re forced to sell your body to military science. This caused a full reset of your campaign progress, but you also got a permanent buff every time you “failed” and got new dialogues and I think a couple missions, too.

    • Rafael Rugama says:

      In this Game you are Human+ from the get go instead

    • kylele23 says:

      AC1 giving you entirely different missions based on chrome or murakumo loyalty too which was basically invisible and you only really figured out after finishing once. Looks like vi is going the For Answer way of the other endings giving extra context or missions for different sides to the conflict

    • Fantastic Dan says:

      @Rafael Rugamayeah they started doing this partway through the series, which saves some hassle but did away with the mystique of finding out about it yourself. Plus, going human+ limited you in some ways and wasn’t always advantageous.

    • Pro Cow says:

      @Fantastic Dan h+ limited how exactly?

  7. That One Sentient Toaster says:

    I know a lot of people view a game being linear as a downside. But i would rather have 10 – 20 hours of almost nonstop fun over a 60 – 100 hour game with only a few high points and the rest being forgettable.

    • WiseGuise says:

      Quality over quantity.

    • GudBoiC says:

      Couldn’t agree more, some games benefit from a large open world (and it’s nowhere near the amount of those games we get). But most games can benefit hugely by being focused linear experiences

    • Dragon Slayer says:

      Indeed sekiro, doom eternal, malicious, dmc etc there are plenty of REALLY good really fun linear games out there that focus hard on mastery of combat with very little parkour and exploration in between
      A short game even like 10 hours can sometimes be the game where you put the most hours in cause you simply replay it over and over to the point where you can get 200 hours in meanwhile a long game after you finish 1 playthrough after 100 hours you really don’t wanna replay it cause of how slow it can be “not all long games feel like this prime examples are elden ring, Zelda or mh”

      A great indie example is bleed 2 that’s like 2 hours long maybe less yet I played it for like 50 hours or more trying to master speedruns , higher difficulties , characters , weapons etc

    • Floaty says:

      Tu m’enlèves les mots de la bouche ✌️

    • Quilow says:

      That’s why I prefer DS3 and Sekiro to Elden Ring. Elden Ring is the best open world game ever made but most of it is still relatively boring compared to polished to perfection linear corridor

  8. Vaine says:

    Pushing missions to a ng+ allows the main story to end where it needs to without needlessly dragging out through filler missions. Its a really good call, and as was stated gives you an excuse to see alternate routes, experiment, and not feel like your time is being wasted.

  9. Rajarshi Shikder says:

    weirdly enough, i feel like this game is going to be like those Ace Combat games. fantastic gameplay with high skill ceiling, fun levels and objective based mission designs. both offer a the power fantasy of piloting cool machines and spectacles.

  10. Addie 30mg says:

    This is just another example of fromsoftwares ability to not build cash grabs, but just fantastic games.

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