Corinna Kopf Caddies For Me

Corinna Kopf Caddies For Me

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25 Responses

  1. Teddy Moore says:

    I hope our man got to play a 10th hole.

  2. Keegan O'Reilly says:

    Always knew this guy pulls. The miss-green while Corinna was watching must have been haunting him

  3. Ronald De zerbi says:

    Garrett I want to thank you. You have freed a streamer named Aircool, commonly called “AC”. I want to thank you for your service and hope you can occupy her for at least six months to a year. Thank you

  4. Drew Beitzel says:

    Corinna says “you guys are making me nervous back there”

    *Steve says softly “it’s okay”

  5. Corey says:

    The boys are more hyped for Corinna than they were with jOhn Rahm

    • Rrrrrrrr says:

      Can’t blame them

    • K Lum says:

      Not really! Don’t actually come to this channel to watch the GG/GM Golf girl friends. I come here for the golf content and don’t need to see drama queens of good good/GM no matter what they look like. You better start putting out more actual golf content or this channel will start to tank (

    • Bmoney says:

      Course, she’s one of the biggest on only fans

  6. Jonathan Brown says:

    as long as she doesn’t hurt our boy G, they can do what they want.

  7. Presten 99 says:

    Garrett playing the best game he’s ever played…and its not the game of golf

  8. WWK Frosty says:

    Steve’s sexual innuendos had me dying 😂

  9. Ryan Bell says:

    the moment we were all waiting for

  10. Shawn Curik says:

    The man, the myth, and now the legend

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