“621…I’ll give you a reason to exist. Let’s get to work.”

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON engages the enemy on August 25, 2023.
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51 Responses

  1. Whawpenshaw says:

    I love the brutality in the art and sound. It’s kind of amazing how well they managed to convey a sense of pain without showing a single drop of blood.

    • NikHem343 says:

      Well said

    • Andreas Wildmann says:

      Gotta love the heavy machine gun into the other mech’s head while also pushing the gun in. To me at least it conveyed a sense of desperation and anger.

    • Arthur Hex says:

      Dont wanna ruin it for you but they did show some blood at the end lol

    • Sebastian .C says:

      They did show blood on the dude in the operating table a couple of times, 2:43 the part when the tubes comes out of the ear, blood starts pouring out of the needle but it cuts off right away, that was gross

  2. Supabait says:

    “This one is functional but don’t expect much more.”

    An in-lore reason why our character is a silent protag. I love it.

    • Matrix Jockey says:

      The protag isn’t silent. They can only speak through the cybernetic link to an armored core

    • TheNapster153 says:

      ​@Matrix Jockeymore like this protag IS the armored core.

      Nineball origin for this timeline? Or perhaps everyone who pilots AC’s is a Nineball

    • Virtue of Absolution says:

      That’s why he says “I didn’t come to talk” he wasn’t snapping at the tech he was referring to not caring about being to talk to the pilot.

    • Hmm Doh says:


    • Alfred Hitchcook says:

      @Virtue of Absolutionwhy are you replying to imaginary comments? No one thought he was “snapping” at anyone.

  3. Aneet Singh Chadha says:

    That “mission complete” at the end was brutal

  4. VaatiVidya says:

    That moment where they push the gatling gun deeper..I really felt that. Fromsoft are really going to make us cry about robots aren’t they

    • Jormy says:

      Gosh dang right! Absolutely brutal!

    • Ragin Lemon says:

      What up Vaati

    • Dualtwelve says:

      I know this will be a story unconnected to the previous armored cores, but I can’t wait for your exposition videos on this story. Hopefully there will he enough for a new arc in the “prepare to cry” series.

    • UNO Roeslan says:

      My body & mind is ready for the moments from this latest title. Thank you! Thank you so much man for ur concised an hour and a half vid on all AC games. It preps & refreshes a lot of my experiences from AC 1, 2, & 5 (gameplay wise, not so much on the story 😅).

    • JJ 04 says:

      The view of the giant robots tiny head made it look weirdly vulnerable and cute, like an oversized dog.

      It’d make sense they’re piloted in the same way as the ACs.

      It plays up the body horror not only of being turned into a shrink wrapped corpse but also forced to act as the brain of something inorganic and malformed.

  5. Winged Crusade says:

    Can we just talk about how gratifying watching the detail of dozens of spent casings leaving the gatling gun was alone?

    • Mobius2005 says:

      I agree. Almost reminds me of the intro to armored core 2 with how the AC where moving to their objectives while fighting opposition.

    • TheGamersConclave says:

      I especially liked how the barrel tips were all melted and deformed. I’ve seen that happen on a machine gun range in the Army. They shoot so much the barrel turns red hot and starts to liquefy due to the sheer number of rounds and heat generated. I feel like this game is going to have a very gritty sense of realism injected into the Mecha Combat.

    • Mobius2005 says:

      @TheGamersConclave Add to the fact that your character is on the operating table literally being brought back from the brink of death and reconstructed as an augmented human with the corral device most likely acting not only as way to handle the AC more fluidly then others, but as a dead man switch if Walter thinks you outlived your usefulness or try to oppose him early in the story. Who knows, but as a old fan myself I am excited nonetheless.

    • TheGamersConclave says:

      @Mobius2005 For some reason, I get major “Evangelion” vibes from the way they are presenting this game.

    • Ulforce Megamon says:

      @TheGamersConclave kinda, it seems that the Pilot will be “fused” with the AC in some way

  6. Disliking Pineapple Pizza Is Immoral says:

    “I’ll give you a reason to exist.
    Let’s get to work.”

    Such a dark and disgusting line, I love it. FromSoft has cooked up something special and impactfull yet again, you can feel it 🖤

    • NecroS says:

      Why does it sound like Keanu Reeves tho???

    • Evan Garnier says:

      At least Warhammer 40k dreadnoughts are revered, blessed, fueled by fellowship, and a sacred mission to complete, which is infinitely more important than themselves.
      Hounds look just like expendable meat, used by heartless greedy capitalists.

    • zchen27 says:

      ​@Evan GarnierThat’s basically Armored Core in a nutshell. Elite Ravens and cheap conscripts all alike, just another line on the balance sheet and an expenditure for business.

    • Vespyr says:

      Definitely diving headfirst into the darkness I’ve always loved about this franchise. That’s the thing people can’t see if they just watch the old gameplay videos, and watch clips. It’s the tone. The actual dark scifi that it truly is. From Software is no stranger to this theme in its games, and Armored Core is no different. It’s at the heart of From Software. It’s in the title.

    • Fernando Zavaleta Bustos says:

      Welcome to the franchise my fellow Ravens!

  7. Reifin D. Fanchon says:

    The absolute state of Armored Core 6 sound design is just… perfect.

  8. BlueMagicite says:

    You can’t show a chassis crying, but you can at least convey sadness with a light flare. Fun visual design choices all around

    • Zainyway says:

      the red lens flare has been a staple visual cue from most if not all trailers of armored core

    • BlueMagicite says:

      @Zainyway gotta love a callback but also, fun to see it used for visual storytelling in a different scenario

  9. Goober Troy says:

    Absolute chills. I love how “desperate” the trailer feels. Giving everything to complete the mission

    • Slayer Seraph says:

      This makes no sense to me, they are lone wolves Mercenaries, why would they sacrifice themselves individually for a corporation? Unless their families get money and support for this, that’s all I can think of.
      Also why are they referring to a human as “it” ?

    • Arturo Z says:

      ​@Slayer Seraphthe it thingy maybe is cuz he is refered as dog

    • L Ryuzaki says:

      @Slayer Seraphthey’re modified humans made specifically for piloting these death machines, and it’s not like ravens have risked their lives for corps before, the reason is unknown

    • Lucas Urquiza says:

      @Slayer Seraph These don’t seem like lone wolf mercenaries. Remember, each AC timeline has its own take on what a Raven is. In the end here, Walter says “I’ll give you a reason to exist” so the motivation is probably there, there might be brainwashing involved. As for the “it” we know from the Gameplay Trailer that these are augmented humans who this Handler Walter guy treats are dogs or “hounds”. We’ll know everything when the game comes out. Be patient.

    • Yagu Tensho says:

      @Slayer Seraph Because even mercenaries have a human side dude. Its called character growth.

  10. Geode Flash says:

    1:46 is just absolutely INSANE the sound design, the models, the FX, the animation! Everything is PERFECTION

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