I ate at every Margaritaville in the Country

I ate at every Margaritaville in the Country

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50 Responses

  1. Eddy Burback says:

    jimmy buffet called me and said you guys have to buy my merch at yikesshop.com

  2. Drew Gooden says:

    I liked when the volcano burped 🙂

  3. Shelboo says:

    As someone who travels back and forth across New Mexico a lot, I’m a really grateful you’ve given me visual closure of the “thing”. Means a lot.

  4. Chelsea Klapwyk says:

    As a Canadian, I am in both disbelief and awe at the amount of themed chain restaurants in the US. How is there such a big market for this?! 😅

    • Maple_Leaf_Soup says:

      Good old fashioned American spirit I guess? Idk stuff like this just??? Happens here?

    • XK_Gumi says:

      The 80’s-2000’s are to blame for this


      If u notice, most of them are mostly empty or have a much older crowd

    • Matthew M. S., CFP says:

      Supply and Demand 🇺🇸

    • Smug Strawberry says:

      US is a big place. They make money off of the fact that everyone goes at least once in their life and there really isn’t that many big nation wide themed chains, only 4 or 5. Idk what the fuck is wrong with Florida though they have a disproportionally high amount of locations.

  5. Cee Bee says:

    Yes, YouTube algorithm did it’s magic! I saw your Rainforest Cafe adventure last year and now this Margaritaville Marathon has graced my eyes. Thank you for your crazy commitment.

    • Stephen Padlock says:

      You sure you’re not just subscribed?? Algorithm is unironically the new literally no one has any fucking clue with those words mean anymore

    • Gen says:

      ​@Stephen Padlockso, the algorithm will show videos to more people based off of engagement stats. Video creators also have access to these stats.

      This means, that to optimize how many people the youtube algorithm will decide to show your video, creators are encouraged to make more videos that are similar to ones that happen to perform well. So, given a high enough engagement rate on a video, a creator might be able to be persuaded to replicate the conditions of that.

      Additionally, the youtube algorithm will a users videos from a channel they aren’t subscribed to, if that video happens to be similar to videos the user has seen and engaged with on said channel. Meaning, this commenter could have *only* seen Eddy’s rainforest cafe video, and nothing else that he has created.

      Either way, there are valid reasons for the original poster to have said “algorithm”

  6. markman278 says:

    My dad once was a roadie for Jimmy Buffet.
    Jimmy treated the roadies the most respect. Drinks, steaks, cold fish bar, and beer to go paid by Jimmy.
    Apparently jimmy treated everyone so well because he knew the would help him with his extreme phobia.

    Apparently he had a recurring nightmare he would be trampled to death by his fans. So to help his anxiety he required that he could see his limo to the side off stage. As long as there was a clear path, he would play no problem. So he treated the roadies well so he could play well.

  7. Karotten Steak says:

    I have a creeping suspicion that this might not have been Eddy’s last trip across the US

  8. Luke Kline says:

    Eddy nobody made you do this twice. But im glad you did, this is what it means to be human

  9. Piff says:

    The artist who created the Chicago bean HATES it when people call it “the bean”, but he has claimed ownership over specific colours so no one else can buy or use them so please never stop saying it♥️

  10. heeeyyy says:

    hearing Eddy’s pronunciation of “Biloxi” is so endearing (also really happy you enjoyed the burping volcano)

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