Attention: This Party Animals Video

Attention: This Party Animals Video

No animals were harmed in the making of this video.
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27 Responses

  1. SMii7Yplus says:

    I felt we needed a little break from the absolute horror show that is October on this channel. So please enjoy this Party Animals video in between the horror games!

  2. Ulisa Smith says:

    A wise man once said “those who watch a SMii7Y a day shall keep the depression away”

  3. Limit13ss says:

    12:55 just the right hook and the victory pose right after. Just so perfect

  4. I_Am_Fallguy says:

    This is indeed a Party Animals video

  5. mister mustache says:

    you always make my days better with you’re vids man, keep on rocking bro.

  6. NALTO says:

    Smii7y never fails to give us a good show every upload. It doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t matter where. This milkbag constantly delivers the goods.

  7. ThatDUDE247 says:

    I’ve been going through some rough stuff, and this cheered me up. Sincerely, thank you.

  8. Gostreitor says:

    8:41 SMii7y’s scream of pure terror was beautiful

  9. J O I O says:

    smii7y never fails to get my attention standing for a new video

  10. Salty Mayo says:

    You know smitty never goes outside when he has to ask what sound a pigeon makes.

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