BabyTron’s 2022 XXL Freshman Freestyle

BabyTron’s 2022 XXL Freshman Freestyle

2022 XXL Freshman 10th spot winner BabyTron counts hundreds all night till his hands cramp in his XXL Freshman freestyle.

Video directed by Travis Satten (

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21 Responses

  1. OBN Dev says:

    Finally.. this the only freestyle we was waiting to hear

  2. ëmoriXO says:

    “Mr. Count them hunnids all night till my hands cram” THE FREESTYLE WE WAS WAITIN FOR

  3. Dahveed says:

    This has been the first time ever that I can hear music! I grew up with a condition wear my ear wax hardened completely within my ear drums. Nothing could get through to me. Not even my own mother calling my name. Everything changed once I opened up this video. Dr. Tron I am truly blown away. Your musical talent has transcended any technology in the medical field. Your music has turned the once oh so hard ear wax into powder. I CAN HEAR ! THANK YOU BABYTRON

  4. The Homie MO says:

    Damn man, truly inspirational freestyle from
    Babytron..Before listening to babytron I was an honest working man, 9-5 job with kids and a wife. Now after discovering this I truly see I’ve had the wrong outlook on life..Babytron has welcomed me to scamfam and ever since then I’ve been scamming and on the up and up. I left my wife and kids for a new wife and kids, life is beautiful right now. Thank you Babytron

  5. lil tino says:

    Before listening to Babytron, I was homeless in the streets with no money, no hoes, and $5 to my name. Then, a car passed by me with “The Lost World” playing at full volume, and I looked down to suddenly see myself wearing a $10,000 mauve balenciaga suit. Every female within a 20 mile radius immediately started running towards my location, I then turned the corner-in a daze-to be greeted with a nobel prize.
    This man truly is the greatest artist of our generation, perhaps all time! He is an innovator and your favorite lyricist couldn’t have bars like him if their family’s lives depended on it
    Thank you, Babytron. I owe you my life for being graced with your poetry 🙏🏽

  6. Johnny Montilla says:

    This changed my life. Thanks Babytron!

  7. Ethan h says:

    I was thinking about ending it all but this freestyle here babytron made me change my mind thank you sir tron

  8. ramadan barker says:

    YESSSS! this what i been waiting for and my boy didn’t disappoint… “punched everything i wear bitch i’m free styling” wow

  9. Jaidyn Foddrell says:

    Babytron changed my life, listening to Tron isn’t enough, I need him inside me. I want to breathe eat and sleep Babytron, he is everything.

  10. Everybody says:

    Wow just wow, Babytron always amazes me with his amazing lyrics, incomparable cadence and flow each and every single time, I want to dedicate this comment towards Babytron and all the people he has saved, even though he is affiliated with a gang in ATL called DEO. (even mentions it on a song): “Chop on me, and hell nah I ain’t finna eat hibachi
    Shooter pull em up and drop em off shit he think he Bruce” (Bruce is the leader of this dangerous gang), even though this is a gang, this gang has helped many people who were starving in the streets to become successful young women and men, a very good gang if you ask me!!!! Anyways, Babytron has saved many people’s lives including mine.

    I was a bum on the street no bitches on my dick nor any cash in my pockets, but then I started following this man called Bruce, he put me on Babytron and since then I’ve started a multi-million dollar stripclub business, got mad bitches that WANNA be on my dick but Ian lettin em you gotta make me a bacon egg nd cheese with the boosie chips if u want this dick word. Anywho, these people have obviously set my life straight and I wanted to thank them for that DEO4L💚💚💚💚💚

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