Bankrupt – Six Flags

Bankrupt – Six Flags

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Since the early 1960’s, Six Flags has grown to become the world’s largest theme park company, at one point, operating over 37 parks around the world. Their parks were beloved from their original property, Six Flags Over Texas, to others like Magic Mountain and Great Adventure. But after a series of terrible decisions, the company failed to make even the slightest profit and ultimately declared bankruptcy. In doing so, they left parks demolished or abandoned in their wake. Join me today as I find out why.

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44 Responses

  1. @killervirgo says:

    As a coaster enthusiast, I really enjoyed this video. The Six Flags and Cedar Fair merger will be interesting and I am hopeful that the Six Flags parks will improves as a result.

  2. @UwUTheCommenter. says:

    I feel like the main draw to six flags is that it’s a cheaper alternative to Disney/universal/etc. drastically raising the prices like that was such a horrible idea

    • @katherinealvarez9216 says:

      It was!

    • @bserpas says:

      As a roller coaster enthusiast who gets to frequent Magic Mountain and Knotts my draw are the roller coasters. If there was more themeing like other parks like Hersheypark, both Busch Gardens, Dollywood, etc. That would be awesome.

      I get way to easily bored at USH and Disneyland as many of those attractions aren’t thrilling even though very well themed. Then again the coaster enthusiast is the minority among general park goers

    • @trays7 says:

      No way you just called six flags a cheap disney knock off…

    • @jasonwomack4064 says:

      I thought the main draw was getting to see dozens of people fight and trample toddlers, over turkey legs.

    • @DJbassrevolution says:

      ​@bserpas disney is incredibly boring. It’s popular because it’s designed for 5 year olds and old people. Universal now has some great rides and much better theming and events, so it beats six flags out in my books but only slightly because six flags still had more thrill rides.

  3. @hypersonic9394 says:

    I never thought that Six Flags would ever get into bankruptcy, but here we are now. Also what a wonderful way to end the year with this video. Great job BSF!

  4. @lightningboat says:

    Insane how horribly this company failed.

    • @horsepowermultimedia says:

      Yeah. It also shows a picture of what would happen to places like Disneyland if prices continue to be jacked up. Six Flags serves as a canary in the coal mine for companies like Disney.

    • @gordon1545 says:

      Six Flags hasn’t been a failure. It has delivered exactly what the market wants – the maximum possible short-term return for owners and shareholders, and the maximum possible interest payments to banks and lenders. Doesn’t matter if it eventually bombs, the money will just move to the next best short-term opportunity.

    • @alveolate says:

      corporate execs are totally worth their bloated salaries you guys! all with next to zero accountability!

    • @SethMethCS says:

      As long as the curren cy we use is based on frac. Tional re. Serve bnaking, we will lose and get poorer.

    • @nevaehhamilton3493 says:

      It was because of some terrible financial decisions made by a greedy cheapskate who doesn’t know basic math and finances. Now the parks are in danger of permanently closing.

  5. @DOUGHBOY_420 says:

    every upload, is better than the last. Thank you, Jake, for making such amazing content after all these years. Here is to a great 2024.

  6. @carnauris1726 says:

    I always found it interesting that Knotts regularly outperformed Magic Mountain, despite Magic Mountain having way more coasters

    • @jordancaleb3419 says:

      Knotts is definitely a more family oriented experience! More families more money spent at knotts!

    • @carnauris1726 says:

      @@jordancaleb3419 this is very true, however Disneyland is down the street from Knotts so it has heavy competition for families

    • @micoasters says:

      Magic mountain has a quantity, but not the quality. Knots doesn’t have any many rides. But they have quality in ghost rider, xcellerator, montezumas revenge, and hang time. But magic mountain only really has apocalypse, Wonder Woman, west coast racers, and twisted colossus

    • @micoasters says:

      @@carnauris1726knotts is cheaper than Disney which probably helps

    • @bluekewne says:

      ​@@carnauris1726Knott’s makes up for Disneyland by having more coasters & being significantly less expensive.
      And their boysenberries & funnel cakes.

  7. @frenchy1224 says:

    As a coaster enthusiast and a Six Flags employee, I really enjoyed this video! The history of this company has been a rocky, but interesting one. Here’s to the new merge with Cedar Fair and hopefully a bright future for all Six Flags parks!

  8. @idrawpeopleandanimals7252 says:

    Another gem of a documentary. As always, well done, Jake! 👏❤🎉

  9. @jlee1522 says:

    The main draw to Six Flags was instead of dedicating 4 days, airfare, and a lot of money for admissions and lodging, you could take your family or a group of friends to the local amusement park with none of that hassle. A day trip to Six Flags was wonderful and much lower cost and headache. But once they started raising their prices without any added benefit….well, it all went downhill

    • @Chris-xo2rq says:

      People who say Six Flags competes with Disney must live in Florida or California… because here in New York I’m telling you… the two companies are NOT competitors. I have a diamond elite membership to Six Flags and I go with my kids a dozen times each year. I went to Disney World TWICE in my life, once when I was a kid and once last summer with my own kids.

    • @nevaehhamilton3493 says:

      Blame the CEO for being a greedy cheapskate

  10. @matthewnormand2041 says:

    I grew up in the Houston area and visited AstroWorld many times. It was a shock to everyone when it closed. Hard to believe it was considered more profitable to raze it and occasionally use the empty lot as overflow parking for events at the stadiums than to keep it going.

    • @Jenova180 says:

      Right! What sense does that make? You close the one park that you have the most attendance to?

    • @lucasrem says:

      Bad management, so it was not profitable.
      Local management is better.

    • @sydwashere8659 says:

      From what I remember they thought they could get much more money for the land than they actually got. I believe the rodeo ended up buying it.

    • @hkmp5s says:

      Astroworld became a ghetto full of ghetto kids. It became a daycare for future gang members. They ran the families off and with them the money They should have raised the prices to keep out the riff-raff. They became the Walmart of amusement parks.

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