Legends Summarized: Journey To The West (Part XI)

Legends Summarized: Journey To The West (Part XI)

Journey to the West Kai, episode 8: Fanning The Flames

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32 Responses

  1. @NotesFromTheVoid says:

    “oh no there’s vore in this one” beautiful line, red continues to be a perfect writer

    • @cartoonishidealism582 says:

      Fun fact: This is not the last time Sun Wukong gets vored

      In fact there’s one specific chapter which literally plays out like some kind of vore fic where Wukong gets swallowed and kinda fucks around in the demon’s stomach for an uncomfortably long time

    • @airplanes_aren.t_real says:

      ​@@cartoonishidealism582 sorta like that one ep of adventure time with the party bears

    • @maramelodies6385 says:

      IKR! I howled so loud I summoned my husband from the other side of the house XDXDXD

    • @LocalMaple says:

      When I first saw this. I thought she said “four,” as in “oh no, Monkey King has four ‘very clever ideas’ in this story alone.”

      Which is equally funny.

    • @johnmorgan1592 says:

      Sun Wukong: *let’s himself get swallowed to fight an enemy from the inside*
      Me: *remembers Goku’s fight with Piccolo at the 23rd Budokai* “Huh, so that’s where he got it from.”

  2. @sniccups8390 says:

    Fun fact: the Bull Demon King’s mount at 8:15 is repeatedly described as a “water-repellent golden-eyed beast”. Nothing else about it is ever elaborated upon, only that it has golden eyes and is waterproof.

  3. @kheegimunkhuu9303 says:

    Just the escalation from ‘a mountain is on fire’ to ‘ *the entire forces of heaven is pursuing the bad guy which promptly ignites several literal kaiju battles* ‘ is both absolutely hilarious and extremely epic. Once again, thank you for this wonderful episode everything exceeded what i had initially anticipated. ❤

    • @jasonblalock4429 says:

      I like to think that absolutely *everybody* in Heaven is onboard with the idea of Monkey actually grinding for WIS and so they’re a little more willing to help him out, lest he revert back to his old “Great Sage” ways.

  4. @xiaochunchun245 says:

    fun fact, The Flaming Mountain was based on a real mountain in Xinjiang, it is now a famous tourist spot and I visited when I was a kid, shop owners there like to sell mineral waters that were completely frozen to an ice chunk and temperature there can often go as high as 50 degree, making it one of the hottest place(if not the hottest) in china. i can still recall when I was a kid who is dying of thirst and somehow everyone is selling frozen mineral water, there is literally no liquid in the mineral water bottle, it was a hell of an experience for an 8 years old, not to mention my parents insists me to visit the mountain where “the great monkey king” has fought on and dragged me from our car to the tourist attraction spot.

  5. @austinbiela4653 says:

    14:14 And it’s Journey To The West with the Villain Redemption trope!

    Honestly though, it’s strangely sweet to see that the spiritual through-line of bettering oneself through Buddhism can apply to the villains too. We’ve seen a bit of it with Red Son I think, but to have a former villain decide to change their life for themselves and Sun Wukong encouraging that change by keeping to his word and returning the fan feels like some great development.

    • @joseloayza502 says:

      Wonder woman

    • @bluecanine3374 says:

      Yeah, and whereas Demon Bull King kept being stubborn even when Princess Iron Fan pleaded enough was enough, she decided to let go of her anger and pride to become human while her husband got essentially carted off to jail.

  6. @aaron8409 says:

    It’s interesting that we’re starting to see real growth in Sun here. He handles this whole situation by himself, the rest of the group are barely mentioned, but he handles it pretty responsibly. He’s trying to do good deeds and doesn’t immediately resort to violence. Seems fitting for an episode with a major boss fight.

  7. @GriffinPilgrim says:

    You gotta give Bull Demon King his props, he put up a hell of a fight.

  8. @sampdesigns says:

    Sun screaming “SHES A LOVELY WOMAN” killed me and also “Boy I really don’t deserve you, huh?”
    omg the entire espionage and moment with the ex wife. The Bull King never deserved that lady >:|

  9. @lemonace6695 says:

    I like how in a tale where Sun solves a trouble that was at least partially caused by him showing how much he changed already and his disposition to do that he also grants the same to Princess Iron Fan by recognizing her sinceriry and giving her fan back. Like he is becoming a better person so she can as well and he is all for it.

  10. @zjack018 says:

    This story has so many moments of “well, that escalated quickly” starting from a fire mountain blocking the way, to battles between armies, to kaiju fights, and an indirect intervention from the Buddha to boost. Also, I find it’s funny that sometime problems are solved because Wukong’s reputation precede him, and sometimes people decided to pick fight with the only Monkey that fought the full force of Heaven and was winning.

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