Bayern vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Bayern vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

A showdown of two of Europe’s most iconic clubs with Harry Kane leading a new-look Bayern Munich as they host British giants Manchester United.

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51 Responses

  1. Blunder Armour says:

    A 4-3 loss against Bayern now seems like a massive win. Boy, how the standards have fallen!

  2. Kyle Keteku says:

    “Harry Kane welcomes his old friends to his new home with his usual gift” is underated commentary

  3. WhatTheHell says:

    Bayern we’re unfortunate not to score more than 4, what a game

  4. JayCFC says:

    That boy Musiala is so talented, great performance from him

  5. Andrew Spenner says:

    Not the worst result for United honestly

  6. MessiSZN says:

    This was an unexpected result, I didn’t think it would end 4-3. Fair play to Man United for holding their ground against German giants Bayern.

  7. Jeff says:

    I’m honestly surprised United was able to hang with Bayern. I thought this would be a 4-0 thrashing by Bayern 😂

  8. DynamicUnreal says:

    Bayern’s individual offensive talent is off the charts. Almost every player is like a dribble savant.

  9. Paul Anders Bullecer says:

    All offense, no defense, this game is wild

  10. Cristian CC says:

    Leroy sane been hitting them weights. Giving good physical fights to the defenders in this game.

    • ComradeOgilvy1984 says:

      As a Liverpool, I both hated him and loved him at the PL. I am kidding. Underrated player. Really good in a tussle.

    • JC H says:

      Getting socked out will do that to you

    • Chase Van Krey says:

      Great to see his fire and passion ignited in the last year. Effort was really the only negative stat on his card and he really looks like he is putting the team first and working hard lately. The man is as good as any player in the world when he is at his best, so I would love to see him achieve his potential.

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