Chicago Street Race: Grant Park 220 Extended Highlights | NASCAR

Chicago Street Race: Grant Park 220 Extended Highlights | NASCAR

Relive the inaugural Grant Park 220 that saw a ton of action and a first time winner with an international flair.
#NASCAR #ChicagoStreetRace #Chicago @SupercarsChampionship

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00:00:00 – Green flag at Chicago, Several drivers wreck including pole sitter Denny Hamlin
00:03:37 – Kyle Busch slides under the tires, gets stuck on the track
00:04:46 – Christopher Bell wins Stage 1 at Chicago
00:05:02 – Jenson Button spins coming to pit road in Stage 2
00:05:50 – Martin Truex Jr. tries to make a pass on Shane van Gisbergen
00:06:08 – Christopher Bell wins Stage 2, Alex Bowman’s No. 48 blows a motor
00:08:18 – NASCAR shortens race to 75 laps
00:08:45 – William Byron misses the corner, triggers the big one
00:09:23 – Christopher Bell and Tyler Reddick wreck. into the tire barriers
00:10:16 – Austin Dillon wrecks racing for the lead late
00:11:00 – Shane van Gisbergen makes a charge as the yellow flys for Martin Truex Jr.
00:11:59 – Shane van Gisbergen takes the lead with 5 to go
00:13:07 – Yellow flys with 2 laps to go, Ricky Stenhouse and Bubba Wallace wreck
00:14:08 – Final Restart
00:14:56 – FInal Lap, Shane van Gisbergen wins in Chicago

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46 Responses

  1. Small Bike Stuff says:

    SVG is an absolute legend. A lot of Kiwi’s and Aussies aren’t surprised at the outcome. The support from a lot of die hard nascar fans for SVG is refreshing to see too!

    • J says:

      I can see why he’s a legend. Always good to see a talented person that’s humble and thankful. Cheers and enjoy the celebration. So many fans want him here full time now.👍

    • J Daniel says:

      Never heard of SVG but I think you would have a hard time finding any Nascar or motorsports fan that wouldnt want to see a first race/first win scenario anywhere.
      The guy is a legend

    • Christopher Trevino says:

      He’s been dominating V8 Supercars for a while, right?

    • jeremy lydiard says:

      I’m still a bit surprised 😂🇳🇿 was wishing a top 10 maybe top 5

    • northcackalacky says:

      The cheers for him from the fans in the last 20 laps were really awesome to hear 👏 👌

  2. TrapsXP says:

    It is really incredible that Shane Van Gisbergen won his first race on his first NASCAR start

  3. Gaz3801 says:

    SVG has always been kick arse. For those who don’t know of his talent, search him up, you’ll be very impressed with his calibre of driving.

    • Trealos Gaming says:

      From the highlights, he has no fear diving into corners. Ate up the gap, made passes, then gapped the rest. Very good driver

    • Nick Power says:

      From rally to Supercars he is the real deal.

    • I just want to race cars says:

      There are a lot of highlights to watch. Even though II am Canadian, I have loved V8 Supercars for years & have been following SVG’s career since the SP Tools/Stone Brothers Racing Ford Falcon days.

      The Dude is a absolute beast behind the wheel no matter what he drives. So awesome to see him succeed today .

      Kinda wish the Supercars & NASCAR platforms were this similar when Ambrose came over. He would have had even more success during his time is NASCAR.

    • Gaz3801 says:

      @Trealos Gaming To think that this week was his first time Shane planted his bum in a Nascar too…
      There are plenty of great road course racers in the US and today proved that international drivers with an ounce of talent, have a good shot at doing well on the NASCSAR road courses. 😉

    • Gaz3801 says:

      @I just want to race cars Here in Australia we all wished the platforms were similar ! I would like to see the same thing happen here in Oz, bring over a seasoned NASCAR racer and drop him into a Supercar. Last time we had an American and a Canadian in our cars was at Bathurst back in 2019 (Alexander Rossi/James Hinchcliffe)… We have also had the likes of Tommy Kendall and also Max Wilson drive.

  4. Chimchar28 fire says:

    As a fan of SVG since 2010 I can’t help but cry tears of joy watching this historic victory

  5. Grease Monkey734 says:

    Phenomenal race at Chicago. Now everyone can see when the playing field is truly equal. 1rst time track. No notes . No advantage. 1rst time drivers in Cup. FIRST TIME WINNER. Congrats to all.

  6. Perry’s Planet says:

    I’m from Chicago…born and raised…and let me tell you…that was one of the coolest things I ever seen in my hometown! I’m not even a big NASCAR fan (unlike my awesome father, who is a big NASCAR fan), but I keep it real, and as earnestly as I can say it…this was a huge success and NASCAR ran an amazing event that many didn’t think they could pull off. Well done sirs…from proud Chicagoans in the 312 and beyond 👏🏾 💯

  7. northcackalacky says:

    I just knew that a Chicago street race would be an epic failure!! I was wrong!
    Bell, Truex, and Reddick were amazing, but who knew that Gisbergen would make everyone on that insane coarse look less than elite? I was definitely wrong, Nascar put on a great show today!

    • Philip Berry says:

      I was the same way. Thought was going to be a shit show

    • hyemuhyemu8 says:

      This is my favorite race of the year so far. And this in an understatement !

    • Blackhawk veteran 2/130(retired) says:

      I was convinced this race was going to be an absolute failure.
      I humbly eat my words

    • Pickle says:

      It was a really good showing considering the adversary and when combined with the atmosphere of the city made it so cool! In person at turn 1 I could hear the cars echo off the skyscrapers at turns 7 through 10.

    • Daniel Guerrero says:

      I’ve gone faster thru those same streets 100% sure I would’ve won that race had I participated

  8. Me I Am says:

    From skyline and down through the dipper to the streets of Chicago, SVG does it again. Well done! 👏

  9. Antonio Absalon Aquino says:

    WOW what a Race! Think the wet conditions made it even more exciting. The Chicago skyline in the background, a historic win, plus that Chicago style traffic jam @ lap 50 lol.

  10. Rob Sykes says:

    Best race i’ve seen in years..Nascar SO needs street courses…this was goosebump inducing racing.

    • Adam Mitchell says:

      the rest of the world will watch it then too…

    • Agenda filled TV says:

      Yeah more street courses but I dunno if double wide start will work or double wide restarts. it would work on road courses with wide turns for the 1st half of the lap but even then it’s cringy

    • Agenda filled TV says:

      Double wide starts n restarts would work if the street courses were a bit wider in turns

    • The Sollys says:

      You guys need to watch some Supercar action, that’s par for the course mate.

    • Rebel Soul says:

      Nascar does have road courses, street courses will be tough to fit into the schedule. What tracks do we drop to add more road courses?

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