Beating Minecraft Completely Underwater

Beating Minecraft Completely Underwater

Thx to @WafflesAreBetter for the coding help and @doctor4t for the underwater vision mod

Where I get my music:
-Epidemic Sound-

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36 Responses

  1. Squeezy says:

    So this is the world where mermaids beat the game faster than us all.

  2. Alfie :] says:

    you can tell rek is a professional speedrunner with how quick he crafts his items 😭

  3. poluefemus says:

    woah, the underwater base, end island, and sponge in wet nether is sick
    honestly, a completely underwater world seems fun once u get good gear

  4. DogNoob says:

    So cool to see Chief and Rek together!

  5. Azuriis says:

    I’m glad to see Rek and Chief back together

  6. LordBanana says:

    8:33 amazing that they did not give up even after losing everything they got back on there feet and still had fun!

  7. That Chief Guy says:

    Thanks for the invite, was so much fun!!

  8. Eatenapple says:

    Lets also thank WafflesAreBetter and rekraps editor, they are the type of people making the videos a lot better and deserve a lot more appreciation!

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