Beating Minecraft on 100 Times Speed

Beating Minecraft on 100 Times Speed

shoutout @whitestonejazz for the epic insight on his video

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31 Responses

  1. Justlake says:

    Rekrap is the only person who comes up with ACTUAL original ideas. Creativity at its finest. 🎉

  2. Diamondking599 says:

    So this is what took you so long to beat the dragon…

  3. Ignore Me says:

    You’ve effectively made every mob a jump scare, imagine the chaos when you do this with friends

  4. OLLGY says:

    Finally, an actual SPEEDrun

  5. Sammie OwO says:

    The dedication this guy has is unbelievable

  6. Lime Is Lush says:

    Rek is like the best person to watch ever, he’s so funny and wholesome

  7. PanDaX says:

    Rek never disapoints to make people laugh


    Respect to Rekrap to doing the challenge without cheating. You really did put your heart and mind into it.

  9. Rockboomboy says:

    At 18:58 I genuinely jumped out of my chair and panicked. Keep up the great original content Rek!

  10. Stromoto says:

    I tried a similar idea when they added the /tick command and thought what could go wrong, it wasn’t until I saw wither skeletons absolutely deck me in 2 seconds with full diamond armor on my 10th attempt of this was when I realized how insane this challenge is. Kudos to you parker2. Maybe I should do this without hardcore difficulty.

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