becoming golden playboy bunnies (feat. trixie mattel)

becoming golden playboy bunnies (feat. trixie mattel)

pamela and hamela anderson clocking in for our shifts at the playboy mansion! (we were let go.)

thank you trisha for celebrating this milestone with me, and helping me get there!!!! love you forever and ever, subscribe to trixie here: @trixie our video on her channel will be coming out soon so be on the lookout for that ❤️

thanks to @lastmanstanley for editing my vids as always

and thanks most of all to you guys for continuing to watch my videos and support my channel, its truly insane that i get to do this as a job and not a day goes by where im not eternally grateful. love you all so much and sorry this vid took so long to film its virtually impossible to track this b!tch down long enough to get her to sit down!


happy pride month love u guys okay bye bye kisses muah ❤️❤️

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30 Responses

  1. Kiana Hayes says:

    “do you remember how we met?” AT THE SAME EXACT TIME Trixie: “It was January 6th” Bittany: “Yeah at the NRA meeting?”

  2. ver zrc says:

    Good to see two god fearing Christian women in natural, modest makeup ⛪️🙏

  3. SabrinaChic says:

    the amount of time it took Trixie to realize what Brittany meant when she said “show your ears” 😭

  4. fortunaflying says:

    TRIXIE’S MAKEUP WAS SO SYMMETRICAL IN THIS VIDEO 😭😭 i am so proud of her for finally achieving this on somebody else’s channel

  5. pastawater says:

    Brittany really brings out the most absurdist parts of Trixie’s sense of humour and I love it

  6. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    You guys give sibling energy without even trying bahahahaha

  7. Tiki says:

    These two 46 year old men are my favourite people

  8. Jena S says:

    trixie talking about going out on a tuesday at 10pm for drinks by herself is the wisconsin representation we need in media

  9. Jenny With a Glock says:

    Taxfree Motel and Britain Brioche really slayed these looks!

  10. Siena says:

    brittany was made to have big hair it suits her soooo much

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