Before and after video shows parts of Louisiana hit by Hurricane Ida | USA TODAY

Before and after video shows parts of Louisiana hit by Hurricane Ida | USA TODAY

Security footage from the St. Bernard Parish government shows areas in Delacroix, La. before and after they were hit by Hurricane Ida.


The storm caused at least one death after slamming into Louisiana’s coast on Sunday and knocked out power to all of New Orleans while inundating coastal Louisiana communities.

Snapped trees, flipped trucks, submerged cars and flooded streets were just some of the scenes as the storm wreaked havoc and temporarily reversed the Mississippi River’s flow near Belle Chase, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

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45 Responses

  1. Lysergic_Visions says:

    My deepest sympathies to everyone that was affected by this hurricane…

  2. Justin Cogar says:

    What a beat though 🎶

  3. Jacob Rothschild says:

    Hurricane Ida to the sound of Lofi Hiphop

  4. CornPopNeverDies says:

    Another reason I’ll stay in the mountains..

    • Frankie d says:

      @Rune Denmark is to “Wealthy” to have anything happened to them..
      Idk..but I don’t even think they got covid..they far removed from disaster..

    • Rune says:

      @Frankie d no i am talking about natural disasters.
      Like earthquakes, volcano, level 5 hurricanes, tornados, etc.
      We don’t have that kinda weather here in Denmark.
      And no dangerous animals.

      Dunno if you miss understood what i was saying.
      Of course we have Covid 😷

    • Stef M. says:

      I’d say I’m pretty blessed in this shitty little town I live in as far as natural disasters go… last truly devastating natural disaster that has happened in this town was the flooding in 1936- it rose to 42 feet!!

    • Eric Waguespack says:

      Enjoy the mountains FrootLoop!

    • BEAUTYnIQ says:

      @Frankie d youre right .. ! always something depends on the terrain .. the mtns are rough bears, cougars, but the elements of snow, snow, ice, and snow (for days !) if you get lost odds are youre gone ! I loathe cold weather its a novelty for ski vacations lol

  5. IGY6 says:

    Please pray for everybody in Louisiana I have family and friends down there and I have been able to get in touch with them and I pray that everyone that was affected by this comes out strong and OK. Sending love and blessings and prayers from southern Virginia

  6. peter peter says:

    Imagine how much worse it would have been if they didn’t spend $14B in improvements since Katrina to “prevent” future flooding.

    • Mike D says:

      @DazSoviet yes. as someone who saw the after effects of Katrina, I have to say theyre lucky the levee system held this time. Imagine boats and abandoned cars in the same intersection next to a flooded out house.

    • Mike D says:

      @Curry Curry After Katrina, states stepped up and took in refuges. I know Mass did because as we flew out they were flying in.

    • Evalynn says:

      @Gemini Woodworks Whether you doubt it or not is irrelevant. This person made a mistake and a scumbag is attacking them. And you’re defending the scumbag. Again, not a lot of logic seems to be used here.

    • Gemini Woodworks says:

      @Evalynn lol.

    • Feed ME Donuts says:

      That is the amount the oil companies were sued for for causing damages to wetland which reduces the levies protection.

  7. Alan Reyes says:

    In 1 hour that happened, that’s crazy.

    • Uhh Sure says:

      Long Island is on indigenous land, any idea how many were slaughtered? @PikaSnipe

    • malik says:

      @Austin G. Designs I don’t know where they live lmao but eventually hurricanes and flooding will appear wherever they happen to be. The continued degradation and change of climate can pretty much ensure that hence why I said “hopefully long after we’re gone.”

    • Austin G. Designs says:

      @malik Not all terrain is the same height. Climate change doesn’t mean we are going to all be underwater either. ROFL

    • PikaSnipe says:

      @Uhh Sure was before my time. But yes I know all about the Algonquins.

    • john smith says:

      not as crazy as having faith in God.

  8. Chris 7 says:

    What a change in a short period of time! Weather can be so damaging and devastating!!! Prayers go out to all those affected by the hurricane and any other devastating disasters ❤️‍🩹

  9. C Hopkins Hickman says:

    Music sounds like they’re advertising the hurricane

  10. eSe Løc says:

    The lofi hip-hop beat was kinda fire 🔥

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