BFDI:TPOT 8: Balancing P.A.C.T.

BFDI:TPOT 8: Balancing P.A.C.T.

Help or get out of the way! Because we all need our space! Well…maybe Robot Flower, Grassy and maybe even Bottle do, at the very least. And there’s like 30 other contestants too! But…we’d be here all day typing that out, haha. All this and more in a wild new episode of BFDI:TPOT!

“Hey Two!” Cake-at-Stake intro song
Written by Antony Kos
Animated by Ivan Maslov

Animated with Adobe Animate (previously known as Flash.)

Music by:
Kevin Macleod

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30 Responses

  1. Unorthodox Individual says:

    I watched the entire episode in 30 seconds, and I can confirm, someone definitely gets eliminated

  2. Notebookie Animates! says:

    I absolut[E]ly loved this episode! I was so happy seeing Firey and Leafy again after a while! I hope they build their dream island eventually.
    Im also impressed on how fast the episodes are comming out, great job TPOT team! Remember to take breaks as well!

  3. THat_ONE_person_inyourwall says:

    i am v[E]ry happy to see firey and leafy finally finding their new island together, they looked so happy, loved the episode as always and thanks for the TPOT team for cooking this amazing episodes in such a short period of time, very impressive

  4. 💞Jenna The Cute Pink Unicorno 2K7💞 says:

    Words can’t d[E]scribe how amazing this episode was, can’t wait for more!

  5. Paige! says:

    I absolutely loved this [E]pisode! Im so glad Leafy and Firey finally found their dream island!Also, I love the classic episode.The balance beam was one of my favourite episodes of all time so I loved that reference.Can’t wait for more Bfdia and Tpot!

  6. Sajith Lorance says:

    This episode was [B]rilliant! I really love the work and effort being put into TPOT! Keep it up!

  7. 𝙭𝙓𝙍𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙗𝙤𝙬𝙓𝙭 🌈⭐️ says:

    How consistent these [E]pisodes are coming out is honestly astonishing. Great job for another amazing episode! ❤

  8. TheNew2bers says:

    [B]est character development yet! It’s so sweet seeing eraser actually break free of his ego, and just help someone in need, even on another team.

  9. GumzMakesContent333 says:

    This [E]pisode is amazing and I am blown away by the quality of it! I can’t wait for BFDIA 8 and TPOT 9!

  10. Fernsaur says:

    In terms os character development, this has [G]ot to be one of the best episodes yet! I love that characters like gaty, donut, barf bag and tb are actually doing more now. It’s also interesting how they explicitly mentioned how easily screwed over TD is right now, so they might actually get rid of her plot armor soon.

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