Birth Story — Baby Seewald #5!

Birth Story — Baby Seewald #5!

Birth story of our 5th child!

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  1. @NikkiPhillippi says:

    I’m sobbing! Praise God!!! This was beautiful! Congratulations Seewald fam!!!🥹🙏🏻🙌🏻

  2. @michellesartori6695 says:

    I had 5 kids, too, and mine were big babies too. My final baby was 31 years old on December 21st. I remember having to have pelvimetry done to see if I could deliver her vaginally because she was breech and they thought she was about 8 pounds but she ended up being 9 pounds 2 ounces. But my middle child, I too had 3 boys and 2 girls, was 9 pounds 12 and a half ounces and I was HUGE! I am so glad that the Lord sent this sweet little boy to the Sewald and Duggar families! God is indeed good and Merry Christmas everyone! Congratulations to both families.

  3. @jillwatkins78 says:

    Jess this was beautiful! A rainbow baby is always so special! When Pregnant with my baby #5 I knew he would be big also, as all my others were. When I seen him I knew he’d be over 10lbs. Boy was I surprised when they told me he weighed 12.1 lbs and 26 inches long! We Mamas always know! Congrats to you and your beautiful family!

    • @MissLauraSquared says:

      26 inches!!! 😭 My daughter was 11 lbs 4 oz and 21.5 inches and was told she looked like a 3-month old coming out.

    • @user-gh2fo9pw2b says:

      Oh my goodness, that’s a big baby❤ Did you need new clothes right away? My friends baby girl was 12 lbs, 12 Oz, 24 inches!!! She couldn’t fit into the newborn clothes! Also, a natural delivery, 1st baby! God bless all of you Momma’s, you’re all amazing! From conception to birth and into adults and Grandparents, all of you are amazing and so selfless❤ Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever😊

    • @MissLauraSquared says:

      Not sure if your question was for me or the original commenter. We didn’t use any newborn clothes, just started with 0-3month clothes and size 1 diapers. 😊

    • @kathikamholz2100 says:

      How tall are you and your husband? He’s gonna be 7ft, easy

  4. @sarahstrand439 says:

    The look on Ben’s face when they announced the baby’s weight was priceless 🤣 Congratulations on baby #5!

  5. @micheledavis3735 says:

    I wish you joy! You and Ben are remarkable and well-loved. I worry so much because of your history of blood loss but you’re a birthing hero! I’ve not seen another person turn off their epidural to change their baby’s position! Again, remarkable. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of your birth and what a lovely baby boy! I cannot wait…love, Michele 🩵🎄🤲

  6. @aileenmccarthy8660 says:

    Spurgeon is so sweet, he’s so mature and kind and such a good big brother and son. I love how he brought his mommy flowers.

  7. @harrietlivengood6793 says:

    Happy birthday baby #5. Congratulations Ben and Jessa and siblings! You were certainly correct when you said you were having a big baby, wow he was almost 10 pounds! I’m excited to see what you’ll name him. I hope y’all will have a merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  8. @exploringnewhites says:

    Love seeing husbands be tender to their wives, the way Ben touched Jessa’s right after baby was born ❤
    Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing his name!

  9. @jonirennirt2391 says:

    I am sobbing tears of joy and gratitude to our Father for this wonderful gift of this precious baby!!! Almost 10 pounds!!! He’s a cutie for sure. May God bless you during your recovery time and strengthen you. Merrry Christmas to you Seewald family!! What a wonderful Christmas present!! 🎀🎁🎀All the children were so cute making their houses. Lots of Love!!💕💕🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄♥

  10. @sharonproctor4079 says:

    Congratulations Jessa! I brought my daughter home on Christmas Eve best Christmas present ever! I had lost two infant sons prior one lived 32 days and died in my arms in the NICU. So it made my daughter that much more special.

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