WORST PRANK Ever Played On Me!!

WORST PRANK Ever Played On Me!!

The one time I got a big part in high school theater, and it was almost ruined by a horrible prank!

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25 Responses

  1. @LetMeExplainStudios says:

    Treat yourself to some Christmas gifts for yourself in the SHOP: https://creatorink.com/collections/let-me-explain-studios-by-rebecca-parham

  2. @Amanda-ug6gp says:

    As a theater techie the idea of pulling a prank on the actors IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW gives me an aneurysm.

    • @thejackscraft3472 says:

      Absolutely. you get that stuff out at the rehearsal before tech week. if (Big if) you have a particularly strong cast you can do one during a brush up (assuming your show is infrequent enough to need one), but that’s a case by case call.

    • @ballistersarm says:

      YES if someone pulled a prank right actually in a show I’d disintegrate immediately

    • @icecreamchats says:

      I urge you to never read Be More Chill

    • @DWN037 says:

      During a middle school play I was in, one of the 8th graders was notorious for switching off the mic during dress/mic rehearsals and cracking jokes onstage to try and get the other kids to break form (since nobody could hear him while the mic was off). On one of the _actual performance days_ he tried to do that to me after my line “Who’s that masked man riding over the next ridge?” but forgot to switch his mic off, so the _entire middle school student body_ just heard the other actor onstage say “Your mom” at full volume
      he didn’t land any lead roles when we got to high school drama club

    • @EduardoMartinez-rs3bu says:

      You had 666 likes I changed it to 667. I saved you from the devil, you’re welcome

  3. @handfulmacaroni says:

    as a theatre kid, the thought of someone MOONING me mid show is horrifying, i’d love to see more of these lol

  4. @Coolkid99880 says:

    As someone who is a happy permanent crew member in high school I’m happy to see cast members working on set because they usually do a lot of mundane things as we have to do like carrying wood, getting stuff from supplies, and picking up trash.

  5. @JustAnotherDeadMan says:

    Being both a techie and an actor in my school’s shows, I can gratefully say that this sort of thing only goes on during rehearsals, and not during shows. Thank god.

  6. @jackhatter5488 says:

    As a theatre kid myself, I know that if ANY techies tried to pull anything like THAT on any one of us during a show my high school director would have ripped them a new one…

  7. @raflamar4146 says:

    As a theatre tech it causes me physical brain cramps to hear of favouritism and chaos in a performance when caused on purpose!
    Theatre is supposed to bring people together, and it is a sin for any technician to attempt to sabotage a performance. We do not have attention thrown our way, our job is to support and embolden the performed for the audience, to raise it to new heights

    I’d love to hear more pirate / theatre stories!

  8. @HeisenbergFam says:

    The fact Becca survived worst prank is proof shes a woman of focus, commitment and sheer feckin will, respect

  9. @jinchonerose3100 says:

    My group pulled a prank on our director at the last showing of our shows every time by hiding a picture of his face and then revealing it in dramatic fashion. It was harmless and very fun for everyone, especially the audience who usually absolutely packed the theater on the last show every single time to see it. Good times 😂

  10. @zwowens5741 says:

    As someone who also did theatre, I always love watching these types of videos! I would love to see more stories from this play, or any other theatre production you’re willing to share with us. I hope the holidays are treating you well and that 2024 will be a golden year for your channel.

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