BLACK SPEAKERMAN APPEARS! Plungerman is Back! Episode 63 Skibidi Toilet – ALL SECRETS & Easter Eggs

BLACK SPEAKERMAN APPEARS! Plungerman is Back! Episode 63 Skibidi Toilet – ALL SECRETS & Easter Eggs

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Hello everyone! Finally episode 63 of Skibidi Toilet by Dafuq is out! In this video we talk about the return of Plungerman. There is also a new black Speakerman, who is he? Skibidi scientist made new improvements to other toilets. How are the mutants organized? Why are agents actually humans and not robots? Let’s talk about the appearance of secret agent Dafuq. What happened to the Glitchy Toilet. When can we expect to see Cinemaman and TV Men? Who could be a boyfriend for Speakerwoman? Watch till the end, it’s going to be interesting! Skibidi toilet 1-63 all secrets and Easter eggs. Analysis & Theory.


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27 Responses

  1. Nugget Boy Adventures says:

    The fact that Skibidi man was able to survive the attacks from upgrade plunger camera man was insane 💀

  2. Speakermaneditz says:

    14:24 let’s take a second to praise the big speakerman for sacrificing his life to protect us

  3. VEDANT JOSHI says:

    Maturity is when you realize that isotoilet analysis are much much much detailed than others 😊

  4. moai 🗿 says:

    Press f to pay respect for that large speaker man. Even tho he was severely damaged.
    He fought the mutant

  5. Ayush Malhotra says:

    Hats of to this man for making us entertain and also explain the whole anaylises of the episode❤❤

  6. Yukiwari Kae says:

    I just realized that TCM’s Jetpack flame is blue which was previously orange like the other Jetpacks And there’s something in his hand like a blaster gun, maybe TCM got a little upgrade

  7. Gifted Basic Bee says:

    the black speakerman looks a lot more built in e63, he looks just more, intimidating and formidable than the first time we saw him.

  8. omarbest66 says:

    i have a theory : the man that gave the cameraman a headphone in ep 62 was maybe the speaker man we saw today

  9. frenchTophat says:

    I keep wondering how boom managed to smoothly transition a cringe dancing toilet to an actual war

  10. Jarrydplaysthis says:

    I loved this ep and his comeback!

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