Blitzø VS Grandpa

Blitzø VS Grandpa

I don’t know what audience this was for but it needed to be made 🎬 Based on characters from the series Helluva Boss by Vivienne Medrano ​⁠@SpindleHorse

Shot by Liam Krug

Puppets by Maggie Roberge

Puppeteer: Jayden Libran

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33 Responses

  1. nxxy nx says:

    Love how Brandon goes out of his way to support the series. More than just a voice actor/writer on payroll, seems to genuinely want the show to succeed 🐐

  2. Chrishen James Yap says:

    brandon is the literally definition of “random” and im all for it

  3. VileHQ says:

    The crossover we didn’t deserve, but needed

  4. Ampharos97 says:

    Omg, the Blitzo and Moxxie puppets are so cute! Thank you both Brandon and Vivienne and to all the teams who made this journey possible!!!

    • Troy Koba says:

      Honestly, this whole thing is gold dust. Such talented people put their blood sweat and tears to make such amazing content.

  5. Madeline Swan says:

    Absolutely love that Richard came in for this skit too!!!

  6. Khadija Abi says:

    Bless this man’s heart for bringing Helluva Boss to his channel in the most comedic way possible. I love how much he supports this show and his coworkers.

  7. moonycat says:

    The fact that Brandon literally has huge handcrafted Blitzø and Moxxie puppets is so god damn wonderful omfg

  8. RebelCourtesan says:

    Okay, I now need a mini-series of Blitz and Moxxie going after each of Brandon’s characters.

  9. ᴀᴅʀɪᴀɴ says:

    This Blitzo impression is really good. I hope Brandon can meet the voice of Blitzo one day.

  10. Wilfred says:

    I was lucky enough to meet both Brandon and Richard at comic con last month. They are AMAZING!!!

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