Trying DISGUSTING TikTok Recipes

Trying DISGUSTING TikTok Recipes

My esophagus is rated E for Everything.
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39 Responses

  1. 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐀 !! - ☆ says:

    we the viewers appreciate the noble sacrifice you have made to your mental stability for our entertainment , ribbit ribbit my dude

  2. indiecrowarts says:

    I literally screamed in horror when she blended the dry pasta, showed my Italian mother the clip, to which she just softly in shock went “vergongnosa…” hearin her say she was making pasta from scratch actually left me shaking. I didn’t think I could actually feel like, offended, but that day has arrived. Thank you for your service Chef Cali 😂❤

  3. Canaan King says:

    I love that she accidentally learned how to cook from at least one fetish channel without noticing

  4. CallMeSeverus says:

    Personally, the food not wasted by testing the recipes with one person viewed by thousands; is better than a hundred making their own slices of devils spawn! You’re an amazing creator!

  5. Rudolf says:

    The TikToker repeatedly saying “yummy” sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than anyone else

  6. Pebble says:

    As someone who went to culinary school I can safely say this is the deadliest of food sins… May Gordon Ramsey have mercy on your soul

  7. Chase says:

    As much as I appreciate you testing out these abominations for us all. Can we all agree that the makers of the recipes need to be stopped for the sake of digestion

  8. voyagerkat22 says:

    For the record, you can just use regular all-purpose flour with the eggs to make homemade noodles. No need to sacrifice dry spaghetti unless you just really need to hear those sweet blender grinds.

    • Echo Peak says:

      Honestly that extra pointless step has me confused. It is literally easier to make fresh pasta if you want that. You buy pre-made pasta to REDUCE your prep time, since most people can’t dedicate lots of time to cooking.

    • uosdwiSrdewoH says:

      That one had me confused. Perhaps they like the taste of the dry pasta better but then why not just cook it from the pack? Was it the extra thickness? Dry pasta is pretty much just semolina which can be bought in flour form from your local grocery store and it’s most likely cheaper since you aren’t paying for the extra process of turning it into pasta. The extra step of ruining your blender is completely and wholly unnecessary.

    • Rosey Borealis says:

      Thx, Now I can torture chickpeas and use their ground-up innards to make pasta! 😀

  9. •RᴜᴋɪsRᴏsᴇs• says:

    The fact that Funkyfrogbait channel went from 97k subscribers to almost 1 million in just a few months is something they deserve for making our days better when struggling.


  10. Brandon Izaguirre says:

    I can only imagine the shock and horror the Italian viewers must’ve felt when they saw that pasta getting shredded 😮

    • Faoxie says:

      My great grandpa was Italian and I’m pretty sure his ghost was screaming in horror while I was watching this.

    • timetocallcole says:

      Everything in this video made me rethink my life decisions up to now, plus I’m not hungry anymore. Also, I lost 10 years of my lifespan.

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