Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk – MEGA PIG, Spider Brawler, and BIZARRE Skins!

Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk – MEGA PIG, Spider Brawler, and BIZARRE Skins!

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What was your favorite bit of Brawl Talk?
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38 Responses

  1. Brawl Stars says:

    If you haven’t found the free pin yet, shame on you, but here it is:

  2. GoofyEdits says:


  3. Catalin Condrea says:

    Given the circus event, I would have liked to see a skin for Gus inspired by Pennywise since Gus always holds a balloon in his hand, as the killer clown often does 🤡 🎈

  4. KAMIKAZE says:

    Nunca hubo tanto contenido en una Brawl Talk 🫨

  5. Paulo Vieira says:

    Depois de 4 anos do lançamento do jogo finalmente colocaram a opção de compartilhar replay no clube até q enfim

  6. Francisco Cortes says:

    Se agradece todo el esfuerzo que le ponen a este juego 🧡

  7. Cool lookin pea says:

    Getting 6 hyper charges is much better than one evolution a month, I’m honestly impressed

  8. lizishu says:

    Finally a circus theme! All these skins look so well designed, these small changes like sharing replays makes the game a lot better! Also hyped about the 2023 brawl stars championship❤️🤩

  9. Vlad The Lad says:

    I love how this month is just circus themed, first its the Digital Circus going viral on YouTube, now its a new circus brawl season too

  10. Kenxo says:

    It looks super cool the update but just one thing, the mega pig should have a week of duration instead of just one weekend, not all the people have time to do 18 games in 2 days.

    • AdrianRandom3 says:

      Yeah I do hope it does last a little longer than just a weekend, specially if it’s a once a month kind of event.

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