“Break the Curse!” with Jujutsu Kaisen Teaser Trailer

“Break the Curse!” with Jujutsu Kaisen Teaser Trailer

The sorcerers from Jujutsu Kaisen drop in v25.30.

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32 Responses

  1. ⭕️Get V-Bucks on My Profile says:

    My favourite part in jujutsu kaisen is when gojo said “Throughout the heavens and earth, i alone am the strapped one.” Then pulled out a golden m16 and absolutely oblitered sukuna and toji. Truly a moment of all time.

  2. Azamu__ says:

    A domain expansion ability in-game would be so sick.

  3. ⭕️Get V-Bucks on My Profile says:

    I hope there’s gonna be some domain expansions like gojo’s or sukuna and imagine shikigami, that would be sick

  4. Jerry Rico says:

    Can’t wait to have another anime collab in my collection 😊

  5. TomiokaEditz says:

    I really hope we get to use some of the abilities like Gojo’s Hollow Purple (Idk the proper names) as mythic weapons or a Sukuna style for Itadori

    • bruh says:

      mythic is js ripping someones head off probably

    • Unknown says:

      @bruh bro its fortnite that aint gonna happen think of the most popular move its gonna be a domain expansion

    • Dalcn says:

      @Unknown how tf do u expect them to implement a domain expansion a projectile makes much more sense

    • Zafsu says:

      nah we’ll prob get 1 of itadoris abilities like the 1 shown in the trailer altho i wish we got 1 of gojos abilities like blue, red or purple (i also dk the proper names)

    • wyskami says:

      @UnknownDomain Expansion is too OP + Each character in the animanga has their own domain expansion (except for some) so how would they choose one? + What about the domains CT and sure hit effect? + How are the players going to get out of it if its reinforced inside? It is going to be nearly impossible to implement Domain Expansion since its always going to be a guaranteed win for the player who uses it. It’s obviously Gojo’s Hollow Purple since its a ability that erases anything that it comes in contact with + Its a projectile similar to Goku’s Kamehameha.

  6. Vaibhav Selvakumar says:

    As a huge jjk fan and as a manga reader i would hope for an emote of either domain expansion or throughout heaven and earth

  7. Duck🦆 says:

    This is sick I’mma buy all of them

  8. Sasy1306 says:

    I have been waiting this collab forever! Hope we’ll get to see some cool new additions in-game (some sick attacks, spirits, invoking spirits, domain expansion, etc…)

  9. lightling zooma says:

    Also did anyone catch that Nobara has her normal hammer? So her pickaxe should have a style for the no-kill version as well.

  10. Beate Hiller says:

    A cooperation with jujutsu kaisen is such a good idea. It will definitely be very cool

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