I Spent A Week Alone In The Metaverse

I Spent A Week Alone In The Metaverse

Check out Pokémon Sleep and sleep your very best!

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Thanks to @SamwitchOfficial for helping me out
Edited by:
Aidan Villani-Holland

00:00:00 The Metaverse Is Dead
00:01:41 Day 1
04:59:25 Pokémon Sleep
00:07:50 Day 2
00:12:42 Day 3
00:18:03 Midweek Blues
00:20:09 Day 4
00:22:45 Day 5
00:28:09 Day 6
00:32:08 Day 7
00:35:36 This Sucked

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29 Responses

  1. Ainsley McFarland says:

    Only Jarvis could turn the Metaverse into something almost heartwarming

  2. Alfredo Rivera says:

    Jarvis- “I want to make adult friends in the metaverse”
    Also Jarvis- *Leaves every single time he finally starts talking to someone*

  3. Prederick says:

    Jarvis’ responsibility as an adult to “not crush the dreams of a child at 11 AM” is just absolutely killing me.

  4. slugpatrol says:

    jarvis jumping off a cliff in response to being caught eavesdropping is honestly sending me

  5. Ash Kebora says:

    I love how the most human interaction you had as a socially awkward person was some random nice silent person by themselves. Goes to show there’s a lot more to being a likeable person than being able to stand around and blab.

  6. MTea says:

    Jarvis is so relatable for wanting more people to talk to but once they are actually there he just leaves

  7. Minika Wildflower says:

    Please, someone rescue Jarvis! He’s trapped in the metaverse!

  8. Remerdre says:

    As someone with social anxiety, I’ve often wondered about getting a headset and trying to make friends in the metaverse. After watching this, I have decided that the metaverse will be my personal hell loop when I die.

    • J - J says:

      I’ve thought about doing that for VRchat, but then I remind myself that I’d be too scared to actually talk to anyone and end up never using the headset due to pure social anxiety.

    • Circumference says:

      @J – Ji love furries but vrchat is all furries, everyone on there is a furry

  9. TheEnecca says:

    Jarvis being forced to become a jury member in a court run by kids is so funny.

  10. Psychobabble6 says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard at a video in a long time. When the literal baby at bowling started babbling I lost it. I’m still giggling.

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