Breaking Minecraft with your Dumb Ideas

Breaking Minecraft with your Dumb Ideas

We’re back with more chaos, attempting to break the game again! Can I finally defeat the comments section?
This is episode 6 of my Breaking Minecraft with your Dumb Ideas series! Check out the others on my channel if you haven’t seen them already!

Mods included in this video:
► Essential Mod (Zooming & Multiplayer):
► Carpet Mod:
► WorldEdit:

Thanks to @syszee for the chaotic cameo!

== Internal PC Specs ==
► EVGA Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti
► AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (12 Cores, 24 Threads)
► 64 GB DDR4 RAM
► NZXT N7 B550 Motherboard

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24 Responses

  1. Knarfy says:

    For the record, I didn’t TELL you to subscribe…
    But also like… could you do it pls? 🥺💜

  2. Eclipsical says:

    fill a one hundred by one hundred area of upwards facing pistons, put lightning rods on top with channeling tridents thrown into them. repeatedly pulse the pistons and watch the chaos unfold

  3. Pocaloca says:

    Spawn a repeating command block which summons zombie villagers that are holding chunkban shulker boxes (make sure to set entity cramming to -1).

  4. BritishWeirdo says:

    Clearly that wasn’t enough carpet duplicators, so, GO EXTREME! Build 100 of each colour carpet duplicator (which is 1,600 carpet duplicators) and use the carpet mod to increase the tick rate by 20x the speed. Have fun!

  5. MineStories says:

    Video editing is amazing, if you also edit your own videos, you are a god
    Edit: make a command block loop that places a end city chest then breaks the end city chest.
    i think this could work. (btw i love your videos)

  6. YggyTheMighty says:

    With the boat one, I don’t know if I was expecting that to work. On the last season of Hermitcraft the Boatem crew did something similar and it didn’t crash anything. They didn’t use as many boats though.

  7. Skulk1ngShadow says:

    Can we appreciate Knarfy for such funny content with no cusses and doesn’t forget his account password after every upload!

  8. Rens rvda says:

    Set the carpet mod tickrate to 200
    Then make a set of command blocks that summons fireworks on a specific coordinate with much effect and make it duplicates itself to infinity

  9. Noiz says:

    Use commands to give yourself a bee hive with 500 bees in it, place down a bunch, and use commands to break them all, releasing the bees :3

  10. 4Flame4 _ says:

    You should get the mod that lets you have like a crazy render distance and do the gravel one again.

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