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NERF Pick Your Path Challenge!

NERF Pick Your Path Challenge! Matthias, J-Fred, Paul & Samantha have to PICK their own PATHS to guns and ammo in order to take out the other players. Enjoy this hilarious family friendly competition and COMMENT BELOW! NERF Dungeons & Dragons Challenge Playlist! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzONPdhZqdY&list=PL1ZA9hANtwbby76c4J0382NNb3mjnMtkC Battle Universe is on Twitter! ➡ http://www.twitter.com/battle_universe Battle Universe is…


NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge!

NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge! Check out Matthias, Sam, & J-Fred in this NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge! They’re using NERF blasters to putt their way to glory! Let us know what you think! Comment Below! The Official NERF Robot Prison Escape Challenge Playlist! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOKM8UT6YsI&list=PL1ZA9hANtwbY8Hu8HetsGlHnVvopJ0ioT Battle Universe is on Twitter! ➡ http://www.twitter.com/battle_universe Battle Universe is on…


ARCADE Game On Your Watch? | 10 Strange Amazon Products

ARCADE Game On Your Watch? | 10 Strange Amazon Products How cool would it be to have a retro arcade game on your wrist, wherever you go? Today we’ll find out, as I test out this dope gadget, along with other interesting and hilarious products from amazon.com! Join me as i unbox the coolest tech…


10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets!

10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets! Want your product to possibly be featured in an upcoming episode? Send your product to: Matthias “Submissions” 24307 Magic Mountain Pkwy Box #617 Valencia, CA 91355 Click here to check out our merch! ➡ http://Teespring.com/stores/matthias ⬇️ FOLLOW ME! ⬇️ Matthias’ Vlogs ➡ http://www.youtube.com/onetoomany TWITTER ➡ http://bit.ly/MatthiasTwitter INSTAGRAM ➡ http://bit.ly/MatthiasInsta ⬇️ CHECK…


10 Crazy eBay Items!

10 Crazy eBay Items! Today I unbox products that we found on eBay.com, including a REAL handheld flamethrower! Join me as I put these weird and hilarious products to the test in order to see if they were really worth their money! Do YOU think any of these eBay items are worth buying? Want your…


Why I Left GMM

Why I Left GMM Hey Mythical Beasts, we just wanted to make this video to explain to why…you shouldn’t believe clickbait headlines! GMM #1196 Don’t miss This is Mythical: http://bit.ly/EB_FirstKisses SUBSCRIBE to GMM: http://bit.ly/subrl2 | Watch today’s GMMore: https://youtu.be/R7y6fm0XTpg Get our brand new GMM merch: http://mythical.store Help us help Team Audrey Kaller raise $100,000 to…