Bretman Rock Gets Emotional While Confronting Past Traumas | Ep. 3 | MTV’s Following Season 2

Bretman Rock Gets Emotional While Confronting Past Traumas | Ep. 3 | MTV’s Following Season 2

Continuing to repair their relationship, Bretman and Princess head to the beach for some quality time, but an argument threatens to derail their progress. Meanwhile, Keiffer and Princess decide to take some swimming lessons with a HOT 🥵 instructor while a burnt out Bretman goes to therapy solo to confront his psychological wounds.

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34 Responses

  1. Jessica C says:

    I didn’t want to say it, but no one is mentioning it… I LOVE that Keiffer got her teeth done! She was beautiful before and is still beautiful after! She’s looking snatched ❤ Period

  2. Francine says:

    This season has so much more growth and development present on everyone’s end and it actually gives us a look inside Bretman’s life/real problems

  3. Cameron Hairston says:

    I do think Princess has a bit of a codependency struggle and I’m glad that Keifer kind of pointed out that she’s still capable of growing and being amazing even if that means Bretman and her work in themselves separately rather together 🙂

    • MiniM0chi says:

      I agree. A lot of people are saying that she doesn’t want to be left behind or be alone, which is valid. But there’s also that perspective of just because you don’t want to be left alone doesn’t mean you can ride on someone as THEY are actively working on themselves AND the relationship with you FOR you. When she said, “I want us to grow together,” I thought that was a genuine desire, but I can also see why Bretman would be frustrated if it’s like… “if you want us to grow together, I can’t put in 80% and you put in 20% on a good day.”

    • Star Gonzales says:

      bc they both can work on themselves together rather than apart…i personally feel like that would help out their relationships so much more

    • Star Gonzales says:

      i 100% agree w what you said, but in the same sentence she was a baby when she had a baby and never experienced that motherly/family love she’s yearning for. shes had bad/hard relationships with the men in her life so she just wants a good strong loving relationship from the man she respects and loves the most which is her brother.
      i honestly think its the differences in the love languages thats what is making it hard for them….we have to meet half way to work together to better our relationships.

    • Sara says:


  4. SHINee fouzia says:

    Bretman blaming himself for his parents divorce is heartbreaking. What Bret doesn’t realize is that even if he didn’t tell his mom, she would have discovered the cheating sooner or later… He is such a strong Boy. If Bretman chose to have kids one day, he will be the greatest dad of all the time ❤️

  5. mo0sie po0sie says:

    I like how Bretman’s therapist was mirroring him and his speech and tried to make him comfortable, it’s such a small gesture but I think it does a lot for the patient in this case Bretman

  6. Ana Paula Cardoso says:

    I would literally spend a whole day with miss Kay. I’m pretty sure she would cure all my insecurities and make me love myself in 24 hours. She is AMAZING. What a pure soul.

  7. Haren Romero Fuentes says:

    I love how Ms Kay really is happier with herself, how she really fought her depression and her self to become a better person for herself it’s really inspiring to see 💛

  8. Paty D says:

    Omg this episode made me cry and the hurt he has been carrying 😞 he doesn’t nor did he deserve to carry that burden on him but glad he is finally speaking up ❤️

  9. P G says:

    It’s crazy bretman and princess are examples of what happens when you grow up with emotionally unavailable parents. You either become hyper independent and don’t allow yourself to show emotion to protect yourself or you become co dependent and need constant reassurance. At least they are going to therapy and taking steps to heal generational trauma.

    • Maddienmk says:

      This!! I never want to be like my mom sorry to say, I love my mom but she always depended on men and other people, I’m 13 and already wanting to work and already doing babysitting. I always want to be okay by myself. I don’t want to not be okay if this “somebody” leaves. I don’t want my happiness to rely on anyone but God. And yea I get awkward when I talk about my feelings.. I’m like okay… but I don’t mind comforting someone else.

    • Nicholas Sookdeo says:

      This is the one

    • Channtal Morales says:

      OMG! I’ve never knew how to put into words what I feel about myself 🤯 thank you for sharing!

  10. Chelzea Tipones says:

    “I’m happily taken”
    “Oh periodttt that’s all we need to know”😂😂😂

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