Brewstew – The One Chip Challenge

Brewstew – The One Chip Challenge

The One Chip Challenge is uh … well it’s spicy, but that’s not quite the worst part.

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22 Responses

  1. Alex Newell says:

    Woah tyler is a dad?? Thats awesome! Mad respect for not using your kids as money bags and keeping them safe

  2. NotAvoid says:

    Honestly, what a awesome father and safe one with his kids, keeping their privacy from the internet and people online, love this man’s dedication for that

  3. MultiGames says:

    Dude this challenge was BRUTAL. I’m so glad that other people recognized the stomach pain aspect of it.

  4. fa1th says:

    A moment of silence for this man who never fails to entertain us all 😂❤

  5. Yoboycookies says:

    BrewStew is an amazing dad for protecting his kids from the internet! You are the goat Brew🐐

  6. Jessica Greenfield says:

    I wasn’t expecting to find out Brewster is a dad but I’m so proud of him protecting his kids from the internet. What a amazing dad

  7. Nobull says:

    I’m glad you have a happy family man, you were my childhood and I’m happy to see both of us grow up together in a way.

  8. The Goobers says:

    I’ve been watching this guy since the day I literally found YouTube and not once did I realize that he had kids what an absolute great parent.

  9. Todd Campbell says:

    I absolutely love this channel. So down to earth

  10. Deklan Gamez says:

    YO HE’S GOT KIDS, that makes me so happy knowing this man is raising actual human beings, and cares so much about their safety that he’s kept them from us for this long

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