Making chocolate from scratch to feed an addiction

Making chocolate from scratch to feed an addiction

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I am addicted to chocolate and I think I need help.

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30 Responses

  1. NileBlue says:

    Chocolate is pain

  2. SnackWatch 🦷 says:

    NileBlue is NileRed’s mischievous twin that somehow keeps finding ways to break into the lab and keeps misusing the equipment, breaking things, and leaving messes.

  3. shottysteve says:

    its so funny cause you make it look like you have no idea what you’re doing, but somehow you still make it out with ACTUAL good-looking tempered chocolate. thats just insane lol

  4. Gwenturo says:

    I had noticed this in a lot of Niles videos, but it’s just now really hitting me just how much joy he gets from making giant messes, and just how much he loves all things grotesque and repulsive. It’s pretty refreshing

  5. gfhrtsherghegh egewgewgew says:

    honestly the super grainy pre-tempered dark chocolate fudge looked the tastiest to me, yet somehow it’s the one thing you didn’t actually try when you had the chance to

  6. Sabotower says:

    Nile: Doesn’t think the stinkiest chemical in the world smells that bad
    Also Nile: Gags putting a piece of a cacao fruit in his mouth

    • Sentience says:

      @Benjamin Chern Same, I personally have 2 cacao trees growing in my backyard, and whenever the pods grow orange (at least between light orange and red orange), I crack some and enjoy sucking on the seed’s pulp one by one after opening as it’s almost similar to soursop, except not as sour and as juicy as the latter. (Seeds are fermented, sun-dried, and made into chocolate via usual traditional methods)

      Judging by the color of the cacao pods on the video, it’s either been plucked for awhile or grew overripe, but then again idk what cultivar he got so I might be wrong (I was taught by my grandparents to pluck when it’s near-saturated orange in color)

    • John Burrows says:

      @æpicgæmr that’s pretty interesting

    • G_Man says:

      Think his smell receptors died ever since he boiled his own urine to make a sweetener 🤢

    • TMGtyler says:

      @Ferocious Malicious Ghost MILITARY FART JUICE

    • æpicgæmr says:

      did you know that smells going out of your mouth and into your nose, even though theyre the same chemicals as when they go in through they air and fire the same receptors, trigger different responses in your brain for some reason

  7. Greencolouredpeas says:

    “And I think we were also supposed to have fun, and I think that might have happened too.” Honestly this should just be the motto for ideas on this channel and if they’re food, even better! Awesome video!

  8. Zeynep Camgöz says:

    NileBlue is such a fine contrast to the cold professionalism of NileRed, from squishing gooey cocoa seeds to throwing glassware on fallen seeds due to sloppy mixing… Love. It.

  9. Aaron P says:

    For your first time making chocolate you did a pretty damn good job. I doubt you’ll do this again but if you do I would recommend lowering the roast temp by 15° on every stage but keep the same times. Also after adding the sugar/milk powder and butter, use the blender to make it into a paste. Then use the mortar and pestle to get rid of the grainy texture, doing this also removes some of the volatiles that make it bitter. I recommend doing this for at least 30 to 45 min. Even if you don’t mind the texture, it will help improve the taste. This was an awesome video and I still can believe you sipped the fermented juices…. 🤢

  10. Lyirianna Trouffarld says:

    Nile: Turns literal PLASTIC glove into drinkable, grape soda.
    Also Nile: Man, chocolate production really is weird huh

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