[BTS – For Youth] Comeback Stage | #엠카운트다운 EP.757 | Mnet 220616 방송

[BTS – For Youth] Comeback Stage | #엠카운트다운 EP.757 | Mnet 220616 방송

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– KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.757
– BTS – For Youth

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[Kor Ver.]
‘최초 공개’ For. ARMY💜 ‘방탄소년단’의 ‘For Youth’ 무대
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25 Responses

  1. MrsJK says:

    Bts holding their tears at the end and armys applauding them, I’m gonna cry. They deserve the entire world

  2. Angelí Elises says:

    “Yesterday is history”
    “Tomorrow is a mystery”
    “Today is a gift”
    “That’s why it’s called present”

    Gracias por ser luz, gracias por todo lo que hacen.

  3. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    Как же они прекрасны, я иногда сомневаюсь, что такие люди вообще существуют

  4. Isis Falla says:

    Sus caritas al final son hermosas 🥺 nos transmiten una calidez en sus canciones y nos hacen sentir especiales, eso es lo que caracteriza a BTS, el amor que nos brindan con sus piezas musicales 💜

  5. Carol Torres says:

    estoy llorando mucho, sus voces los outfits todo es tan perfecto y hermoso

  6. 7 Purple Butterflies says:

    There is no band that can make a serious face and also make us laugh only this legends can do that type of things and it’s BTS!!!

  7. Галина Урванцева says:

    Это потрясающе!Прекрасны и ребята,и их голоса!Как всегда всё на высоте!

  8. anj b says:

    crying, not because this is the end, but because we won’t see them singing together for a while. you guys deserve this break, and i hope to revisit this video one day, after Bangtan Sonyeondan has come back again, however long that may be

  9. Eiman G says:

    The fact that they knew it’s going to be their last performance for a while… The emotions !.. God! I’m choking… We love you Bangtan…always 💜

    • bnnani smirs says:

      @Ly Near you can watch their old performances during musical shows. This is nothing.

    • bnnani smirs says:

      @Nudrat Parveen IN A WHILE! they are taking a short break from their work in music as a group (they still have projects as grp like run bts) and focus more on solo songs and instead of solos mixtapes we gonna get solos albums.

    • Layssa says:

      @Ly Near it does honestly

    • Ly Near says:

      @Nudrat Parveen Don’t worry, at the rate the company is panicking, BTS are going nowhere…😏💜. Our 7 kings are not to be messed with.

    • Ly Near says:

      @Layssa I know but doesn’t it look like a concert?

  10. duduzile melody simelane says:

    such an emotional perfomance…seems everyone was just close to tears..makes wanna cry as well🥲

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