I Surprised Aespa With A Custom iPad Mural!

I Surprised Aespa With A Custom iPad Mural!

Watch until I surprise aespa at the end!

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26 Responses

  1. ZHC says:

    aespa is one of my favorite Kpop groups! They were so sweet and amazing! Please go show them some love!

  2. Sanvi Vaidya says:

    the pure work and effort Zach puts into his videos is everything

  3. DJ Gamer says:

    Zach really took his art skills to the “Next Level” for this video.

  4. TimeAfterTime says:

    Karina’s “Maybe she’s Siri” always got me. They’re so unserious 😭

  5. Blue Violet says:

    Just Karina saying, “i really love sharks.” had my heart burst into adoration for her. She’s just so cute 😭 Also other members speaking in English are so so cute too. I can’t even express my feelings. aespa! I love you! ♥️♥️ It’s a shame that Gigi was sick that time but I’m hoping that you can collab with them again but with Giselle this time!! Thank you so so much!

  6. ZHC Crafts says:

    this video is one the next level!

  7. Ed Nartey says:

    Y’all need to appreciate the effort ZHC uses in his video cause art is life ❤

  8. Rumana Khan𖣘 says:

    Trust me when i say this ZHC AND AESPA never disappoints

  9. Dinckie Ulep says:

    The story of a successful MY! You nailed it Zach!

    The effort of the whole team, Zach wanting everything to be perfect to impress the girls, Michelle acting like she’s jealous🤣 it’s just hilarious

  10. Maria Sharapova says:

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for this video and this is LITERALLY a MASTERPIECE , the amount of dedication all of them put into their work is EPIC . I enjoyed every single second of this video .

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