Building AUTOMATIC FARMS in Minecraft Hardcore (#7)

Building AUTOMATIC FARMS in Minecraft Hardcore (#7)

I Built Automatic Farms in Minecraft Hardcore! Today I built an Iron Farm, Automatic Bamboo Farm, Automatic Smelter & Automatic MELON Farms, WHAT FARM SHOULD I BUILD NEXT?

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24 Responses

  1. PaulGG says:

    new melon farm is far superior to the last one, keep expanding the redstone one upwards!

  2. Nealios says:

    I personally adore this base rather than the og one as it ain’t cramped up with ridiculous and crazy builds, thereby it looks authentic and cozy

  3. Ed says:

    Yo Wadzee. Good tip on getting our from freezing in the snow is using your water bucket. It’ll basically melt off all the snow and break the snow blocks

  4. GreenBean says:

    Love your stuff WadZee, everything you do is amazing, and your clean editing is absolutely incredible. You are a big inspiration for my own channel, and im sure the same goes for many others too. You’ve really changed minecraft content creating on the platform as a whole, and im absolutely loving it!

  5. iCanDi says:

    The amount of time you put into this is amazing! I’m mad I didn’t find you sooner, your videos are so enjoyable!

  6. Wunba says:

    I’m amazed at your dedication with rebuilding all of these farms again… 👍

  7. Arkajyoti Pal says:

    Wadzee: And unfortunately there’s nothing else of interest over there…
    Diamond at 18:06: Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  8. ForeSite says:

    Wow that melon farm is insane. I remember building a big 32×32 double stacked melon farm on my smp. It took weeks to build. When it was finally done it produced a double chest every 2 mins… It had to be turned off after just 12 hours due to the fact of it crashing the server.

  9. don't come to my channal says:

    Man, the amount of people watching this in under 8 minutes is already super insane considering how much supporters does Wadzee has, great job man, were proud of you for what your doing here and that’s making amazing content for us

  10. Mind Bolt says:

    This is amazing! I love see your progress in the new base. Maybe someday you coukd find away to connect the two, just so you don’t have to leave it behind.

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