Can You Beat an AI Generated Escape Room?

Can You Beat an AI Generated Escape Room?

When an AI generates physically impossible escape rooms, what is there to do but rise to the challenge and do everything humanly possible to solve them. Glitches, version swaps, exploits. Whatever it takes. This is AI vs Humanity (in the crucial front that is minecraft escape rooms)

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This is a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Secret Minecraft things or Minecraft lore (like Game Theory) or Escape Rooms, actually, it is escape rooms! This is the hardest minecraft escape room.


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55 Responses

  1. @Wifies says:

    Chickens? Jump boost? One block at a time? What’s a chicken?

  2. @OcarusMC says:

    Now time for kenadian to debunk each and every escape room.

  3. @Olive_Gamer139 says:

    Doesn’t ChatGPT not understanding Minecraft in the first place make it an automatic win for humanity?

  4. @tuckergregory says:

    OpenAI should train a model of ChatGPT that really, truly understands some of the most popular video games, so it can actually know what it’s talking about for things like this.

    • @tuckergregory says:

      Also, I noticed:

      1:45 “everything in my power”
      13:13 * *refuses to use Minecraft’s standard tick speed* *

    • @nakinock5684 says:

      Chatgpt cannot understand what it is talking about, it doesn’t work that way

    • @tuckergregory says:

      ​@@nakinock5684I’m aware. It’s just quicker and easier for people to understand to talk about it in the sense of it “understanding” than it is to say something like “train a model of ChatGPT that has the knowledge of popular video game mechanics factored into its multidimensional response generation matrix in such a way that allows it to generate responses that actually work with the games it’s trying to form solutions for”

    • @capnsteele3365 says:

      you can train chatgpt on info like that

    • @tuckergregory says:

      Also, 16:39 “Never giving up no matter how stupid the odds”

      But then what about the snowball gamble 🤔

  5. @Funkycorgiz says:

    I’m pretty sure that for the 6th level (the snow level), also should be able to be beaten with the one block at a time April fools version by picking up the snow layers. The final level should also be able to be beaten by using the one block at a time update again and grabbing and using the chickens to fly.

    • @Wifies says:

      final one I agree but on snow layers when I was trying to place snow in one block at a time it for some reason stacked on the same block
      might be my method tho

    • @Scp_1-1 says:

      ​@@Wifies hi

    • @all.handles.are_taken says:

      ​@@Wifies I might be wrong but, there’s virtually infinite snow layers for you to use from the snow golems, and then even if they stack on the same block, it eventually would form a full block, which you can keep stacking to get out. Idk tho…

    • @jojoboy123 says:

      @@all.handles.are_takenthat doesn’t work because snow golems can only stack one layer per block

    • @lightx2 says:

      can you like pickup the pumpkin and pillar up and break the bottom one?

  6. @49gamer51 says:

    Honestly for the instances where the rooms were outright impossible to do I would not count it as a strike and actually reroll the room to get a more plausible situation

    • @vraxos9220 says:

      then there was going to be no challange

    • @sonoda944 says:

      ​@@vraxos9220there’s a difference between “challenging” and “bullshit”

    • @vraxos9220 says:

      @@sonoda944yeah but… it’s much better content this way… it would be much boring and just plain boring if he just rerolled. the fun thing of the challange was to see if he could escape the completely absurd and stupid escape rooms the ai came up with. it was never meant to be possible. it is stupid, it is bullshit and that is the fun of it imo.

    • @counterfeit1148 says:

      Or at least not give a point to the AI

    • @OwlskiTV says:

      Think that defeats the purpose/intention of the challenge.
      He even admits that (for the final room) ChatGTP just offered him a bucket of water (as one of the items), and he asked the AI to reroll that last item, so it could actually be a challenge.

      Think he thought of ChatGTP’s poor understanding of the games intimacy as part of the challenge.
      Creativity is afterall often at its strongest when proposed with a challenging problem to work around.

  7. @person-vu2hn says:

    Actually every room is beatable because there is a glitch involving the offhand that allows you to climb a wall with only one block.

  8. @meyxxxx says:

    For the last escape room, he could’ve just used the one block at a time update again and held a chicken. When holding a chicken in one block at a time update you have infinite double jump (basically flying). I’m very surprised he didn’t find this out, as he used the update in a previous room.

    edit: yes i know wifies most likely did not use this solution because it was too “easy” and wanted a big final escape room ending

  9. @direneeds3107 says:

    Wifies, that ending with the dragon was epic and fitting but you can just use the chicken to fly up in the one block at a time update

  10. @nethanpawel9994 says:

    I like the fact that he allowed himself to use the april fools update, but forgot that he can literally turn into a bee and fly away.

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