In Loving Memory | Tom Smothers | 1937 – 2023 | If I Had A Ship

In Loving Memory | Tom Smothers | 1937 – 2023 | If I Had A Ship

In Loving Memory of Tom Smothers.

The Smothers Brothers

The Smothers Brothers, Tom and Dick, are one of the most iconic comedy duos in the history of television. Tom and Dick began performing as a duo in the late 1950s, playing in coffeehouses and clubs in San Francisco. Their act consisted of music, comedy, and witty banter, which quickly gained them a following.

The Smothers Brothers became a household name in the late 1960s with their variety show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The show was groundbreaking in its approach to comedy, pushing the boundaries with political satire and social commentary. The show also featured up-and-coming musical acts, including The Doors and The Who, and introduced the world to comedians like Steve Martin and George Carlin.

The Smothers Brothers’ irreverent style has made them a beloved and enduring force in American comedy.

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32 Responses

  1. @janedagger says:

    I grew up with the Smothers… they were just, fantastic. They took chances, stood by their principals, and kicked butt. You’ll be missed Tommy. Hang in there Dickie

  2. @Scott-sx1bf says:

    So grateful to have been old enough to remember watching with my family. But, it took many years before the depth of their humor and underlying commentary hit and it ultimately helped me to question everything. RIP Tom – you changed so much in this world for the better.

  3. @themightysquid says:

    His imitation of Johny Carson is the greatest impressionist act I’ve ever seen. Look it up! You guys were icons of that era. RIP Tommy.

  4. @user-wy7ml3sd2m says:

    They were so wholesome, but absurdist, and they sounded great. I”ll always love them for having Pete Seeger on their show.

  5. @riconui5227 says:

    At a time when we really needed our court jesters, there was the Smothers Bothers. The fact that they got the plug pulled is proof of how good they were at their jobs. RIP Tom.

  6. @MrPagefile says:

    In 4th grade, my best friend and I were so enamored with the Smothers Brothers comedy albums, that we began doing impersonations of them for our friends at school (minus the guitar and bass). I guess we got pretty good at it since by 6th grade we put together a half-hour show for an all-school assembly at Avalon Elementary School, Catalina Island, CA. Rest in Peace, Tommy Smothers.

    • @jeffking887 says:

      I had that same experience at about the same age in Kansas.

    • @DrMarianus says:

      I have lived in LA since my family moved from Detroit in 1962. I remember the seaplanes leaving Long Beach harbor to fly to Catalina. What was it like living on the island back then? I am interested in looking at condos there. I know it’s more developed and different (hopefully not the Wrigley Mansion).

    • @robertqueberg4612 says:

      The whole school! A couple of celebrities. I could imagine Tommy and Dicky(ie) sitting in a back corner during your show, with grins and a few elbows during your best material. They certainly seemed like people people.

    • @stardust949 says:

      omg!!! I did a similar thing in 4th Grade—-sang one of their songs for class Show and Tell—LOL!!!

  7. @JoshColletta says:

    Everyone in Heaven is laughing and singing tonight because Tommy arrived. You can count on that.

  8. @philc8575 says:

    You are a national treasure Tommy!
    God Bless You!
    Rest in Peace Brother!🙏❤️

  9. @fernandochavez4312 says:

    Both timeless and ahead of their time. You will be missed. Thank you.

  10. @gregmock6808 says:

    RIP Tom…one of the coolest guys from his era.What a life he lived!

    • @theonetruerobb4852 says:

      Onstage, Tom was the goofball, Dick was the straight man. Offstage, Dick was the party guy. Offstage, Tom ran the show, by all accounts efficiently and professionally.

    • @Plasmastorm73_n5evv says:

      @@theonetruerobb4852 Tommy was a comedic GENIUS!

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