Can You Complete the Pokedex Only Using Surprise Trade?

Can You Complete the Pokedex Only Using Surprise Trade?

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How much of the Scarlet and Violet Pokedex can you complete ONLY by using Surprise Trade?
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41 Responses

  1. Dinostar says:

    It honestly feels like people now are being a lot more generous in surprise trades. It might be because it’s becoming easier to get shinies, which is in no way a bad thing, but I’ve noticed more non hacked shiny Pokémon, and just really good late game Pokémon being traded in this generation than in previous generations. It’s really nice to see people helping strangers out with filling out the Pokédex, even if it’s just because they have extras. I remember when people would just release the extra Pokémon and it always made younger me feel a little sad.

    • Nihonguy says:

      It helps that its easier then ever to get shinies, so people are more willing to give away spares

    • Diped says:

      Bro I just wanted to watch the video, why are you making an entire paragraph on shinies

    • Joseph Biddle says:

      I have been focusing my efforts on Violet (even though I have both) because both of my best friends got Scarlet and need the Violet exclusives. So I’ve been trying to collect all of the future Paradox forms and trading away any that don’t have stellar natures.

    • RobBob says:

      I’m one of those people who trade away extra shinies of pokemon i already have. I did get a lot of repeats like Swablu, Luxray, and a few Iron Bundle, so I traded them away just because. I’m nice like that lol

    • Brandon Connell says:

      @Youtube-Kit94 You had bad luck, in gen 7 Moon I completed the whole dex with basically only Wonder Trades and GTS then a few caught here and there

  2. Fyrix says:

    Why do I feel like that haunter was from a person who thought they would get it back as a gengar but didn’t realise they were on surprise trade not a link trade.

  3. Travis Angerman says:

    Have to say, as an older viewer, I am absolutely here for Mikey’s slow descent into a Markiplier-style madness. 10/10, keep it up dude.

  4. Novemberian says:

    One cannot describe the excitement I felt at learning you’re getting into Dimension 20 as someone who’s been watching it for years. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. LegendOfAstro says:

    this is a prime example of mikey’s creativity and managiing to suprise us

  6. ArTaG57 says:

    I feel like only using Wonder/Surprise Trade would take an eternity in pretty much any game. I tried this in ORAS and I still haven’t completed it to this day.

  7. Cody Gurnick says:

    My first 2 shinies were Lechonk. My third was me breeding charmanders with the Masuda method and it was like the 6th charmander I hatched and haven’t had one since.

    • A Burst Finish says:

      my first 2 shinys in scarlet and violet were iron bundle and cetoddle, my third was a shiny slither wing that someone traded me and it seems to be legit (it doesn’t have perfect ivs and it has a bad nature) and my fourth was a shiny frookie that I hatched

    • Parker says:

      I got Rotom and then skorupi 30 minutes later then 6 months later alpha chatot, all in PLA

    • UmbreonTwinkle says:

      Unfortunately that was my 2nd shiny and my only new shiny. My other 3 are ones I already have

    • timotheninja says:

      Congrats on the shinies!

  8. Woopie says:

    If I had a nickel for every shiny tarountula mandjtv found, I’d have two nickels wich isn’t alot but it’s weird that it happened twice.

    • DukeDarkshadow says:

      The first three full odds shinies I found during my playthrough all happened to be Maschiffs. The next two after that were back to back Litleos within barely ten minutes of each other.

  9. Agent Omega says:

    I’m actually surprised that the website trades have already been started. I didn’t think it would happen for a while. At least the Haunter/Gengar seems legit. Also congrats on the two shiny full odds tarountula.

  10. Ares Aurelius says:

    The melodrama on this channel is what I keep coming back for.

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