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30 Responses

  1. MonarchsFactory says:

    Oh my god, Yvonne and Michael are OP as a team. Also, shout out to how good Celine’s hair looks in this

    • MaggyMage says:

      Yeah, Michael has great strats, and Yvonne is good at just doing what Michael tells her to do

  2. Joe Mama says:

    I love how Micheal is just playing chess while the others are playing checkers, truly just thinking on a different level

  3. Ben Frank says:

    When you have Michael or Toast as a partner, you either win or have a good time.

  4. Kals says:

    Michaels accent at the start was spot on, Made me laugh and cheer up after the recent events thank you 🙂

  5. Howlingflowy says:

    Honestly I don’t care about Michael’s bad upload schedule, he’s a gift that I love seeing from the OTV videos

  6. Finley Demi says:

    I love seeing Michael use logic to give himself a practical advantage in achieving each of the challenges. 1. With the rice: he piled up the rice on the side of the plate closest to the bowl. 2. With the water: using the feel of the cup and the sound of the cup to estimate the water within it. 3. With the ramen: using the corner of the plate as a guide for Yvonne to shovel the food into his mouth, making Yvonne only have to repeat a single simple movement over and over. All simple solutions, but effective none the less.

  7. Kellen says:

    After discovering OTV this week and working my way through the back catalogue, this is a lot of fun. Great personalities with a video style that just keeps improving. It is remarkable to see the difference before and after Brodin’s introduction to the team.

  8. Finley Demi says:

    13:55 Celine is a god, she knew exactly where the overfill line was and even moved back to stop lily from over doing it

  9. Zenith 1009 says:

    sometimes I think Micheal is literally the smartest being alive! Mans crazy good in anything and everything he touches

  10. impossichannel says:

    They gave Yvonne shit but she sustained her note the longest while competitors were TRYING to make her laugh and she poured the water without spilling on michael at all. Like… she fucking earned it, bruh! Michael is just also a beeaaast

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