Can you Escape the Invisible Prison?

Can you Escape the Invisible Prison?

this prison was clearly insane


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32 Responses

  1. MrCube6 says:

    WAIT WHATT?!?! how the, omg… gg

  2. Spoke says:

    “Can you Escape the Invisible Prison?”
    Well… kinda…

  3. Tukats says:

    Rekrap: *Gets all the ladders*

    MrCube: *”wait, that’s illegal”*

  4. Blue says:

    Let’s face it, even without the ladder, rek would still have found a way

  5. M7F says:

    It’s amazing what Rekrap can do when he puts his mind to it

  6. Souli Layce says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your vids dude. Never stop.

  7. Seawingsmc says:

    Can we just take a second to see how much effort it takes to make these videos
    Good job rekrap

  8. Aarjav Badjatiya says:

    rek: gets all the ladders
    Also rek : wait, that’s illlegal

  9. Sunvi Eight Master says:

    This is an amazing “Invisible Prison” escaping video.

  10. Werd _ says:

    If there’s a ladder, there’s a way

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