Kamila Valieva: Russian figure skater in tears after failing to win solo medal

Kamila Valieva: Russian figure skater in tears after failing to win solo medal

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva has failed to win an individual medal at the Winter Olympics after falling several times during her routine.

The 15-year-old, who controversially failed a drugs test before the Games began, was left in in tears after making a series of errors in her free skate performance.

Valieva was cleared to compete on Monday in a decision contested by the International Olympic Committee, but overruled by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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45 Responses

  1. Jeremy Thelen says:

    It’s a tragedy that her concentration and mental state was extremely shaken, in her last performance.
    I just hope and pray that she can over come the ongoing struggle she will face getting after getting tested again.
    She might not ever be the same after this.

  2. Jerrilyn Ballard says:

    The adults around her should be ashamed. Too much pressure on her. That young girl is the best skater I’ve ever watched. Good luck to her.

  3. Talita M. says:

    Shame on all the adults involved especially the Olympic Committee. So much corruption involved.

    • spellfart says:

      @Grubheck *every athlete is doping. Especialy USA, China and Russia

    • F900EX says:

      @kiaaurora The altered moniker and flag were put in place because of a decision reached by international officials in 2017 that found the country had engaged in a state-sponsored doping program, providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.

      Ultimately, dozens of athletes were barred from competition, numerous medals were stripped from athletes who had competed in previous events, and Russian political leaders were not allowed to attend previous editions of the Olympics.

    • Christina Tacomova says:

      Chinese paid for I am sure

    • electrictroy2010 says:

      RUSSIA IS ALREADY BEING PUNISHED FOR GETTING CAUGHT feeding fake drug tests in competition. Russia was caught as a criminal organization & still is


    • Jyrone says:

      @Rotonuz casual rules apply to everyone

  4. Sam Higginson says:

    Wishing her the very best for the future, hopefully she can gain some guidance from people who will not take advantage of her and that truly care for her wellbeing.

  5. GH says:

    This whole thing was handled so poorly. This is THE event of the Winter Olympics. To have it end like this is awful.

    • Chen Ren says:

      Nothing is more awful than UK so far pocketed ZERO medal, even Ukraine leave Beijing with something 😂

    • Ell Ess says:

      Absolutely handled horrifically!! It’s been shocking how horribly it’s been handled.
      No 15 yr. old athlete should ever be put in this position.
      How could anyone have expected her to skate after everything she went through?
      I’d like to know who doped her & I would hope they face the most harsh consequences for their actions.

  6. Bethany Taylor says:

    In the eyes of many, she would not have won even if she won. She was in a lose/lose situation. I feel so badly for her. I hope she shines on and knows how divinely talented she is.

    • Vadik Golovin says:

      which is why she had to underperform to skip the podium. in the kiss and cry when they were comforting her, she was crying and saying “at least now they can get their medals and it will be over”.

    • Nicole K says:

      @gerry findon hmm really? A black runner was banned from competing this summer and guess what? She was an American. I feel terrible for her but rules are rules.

    • Joanna Tomaszewska says:

      @Grubheck bla bla bla

    • Grubheck says:

      gerry findon / This is completely false. Kirsten Shaldybin tested positive for a small trace of HCTZ. The only reason this drug is a banned substance from the Olympics is because it has the ability to mask the appearance of performance enhancing drugs in a drug test. However, she tested positive for such low traces that it was clear that not enough of the drug was used to mask the appearance of performance enhancing drugs so she must have consumed it on accident. Unlike Kirsten, Kamila tested positive for a performance enhancing drug, called trimetazidine. trimetazidine is unlike HCTZ because it actually does improve an athletes performance, by increasing blood flow and boosting their overrall endurance. HCTZ just makes the athlete pee a lot if they’ve used enough of the drug.

      Nice try spreading lies on the internet. Unlike Russia, the US doesn’t tolerate the intentional use of banned substances, even non-performance enhancing drugs like marijuana (which is why the US didn’t allow Shacarrie to compete last summer Olympics.) this is why the US is allowed to compete as a country and Russia has to compete as the ROC. Russia shouldn’t be encouraging their athletes to dope.

  7. Antoinette Lopes says:

    She saved figure skating and the Olympics by coming in 4th. Now she must be protected and cared for. We can’t forget about any of this.

  8. Riya Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE says:

    The incredible level of pressure that has fallen on Camila is difficult to handle even for a multiple champion, what to say about a young girl who has just made her debut. I believe that information about doping should not have fallen into the hands of the media before court’s desigion, and since it is, it would be better if she left this Olympics, because continuing to perform in this circumstances has a bad affect first of all on Kamila’s mental health and career. When she found out that they allowed her to continue perform, she was not happy at all, she said “I’m terribly tired of this all” and began to cry. This whole situation is a sensation and views for Media, for the country’s its about medals and new reasons for accusations, and for Camila its her whole life. She paid too much. She didn’t deserve to go through this nightmare

    • Skyline Maurice says:

      @Alvina Sun don’t blame the media for doing what’s natural. Blame the parents, the IOC and the crooked country she competed for.

    • Alvina Sun says:

      I think its correct to say that the results of the test shouldn’t have taken so long on the first place. They allowed her to compete without the result, as soon as she took the gold – the result was announced and screamed by every single trashy media. Yet they still allowed he to compete after what they put her through. Who does that? What normal human would do this? Is it all about geopolitics? Is it fair!! I hope she will come back to fight, because she is the Worlds Champion! WADA should be banned!

    • Татьяна Мокиенко says:

      such is the life of an athlete – enough of this sanctimonious concern

    • Skyline Maurice says:

      She should have withdrawn. She is still young and too young to handle the bad publicity. But, people are too addicted to fame!

  9. Andy Simmons says:

    Absolutely HEARTBREAKING watching this unfold. I am actually crying watching these little Russian girls melting down. So tragic. The adults that let this happen should be hung!

  10. Danny Garcia says:

    At 15, I was bagging groceries, at 15, she is in the Olympics,, She is a Champion..

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