Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters | DC Studios | DC

Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters | DC Studios | DC

James Gunn shares his vision for the future of the DC Universe and the upcoming slate from DC Studios. Get ready to see stories you never imagined possible before on the big screen. Which project are you most excited about?

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27 Responses

  1. Michael Phillips says:

    Curious to see how The Flash is handled. Sounds like it will be a vehicle to reset everything (not unexpected, but not sure what that will mean for The Flash going forward). Still very excited for Blue Beetle. And, I hope since we are getting Damien Wayne as Robin that means we will already have Nightwing coming (and established as the original Robin). 🙂

    • Thaddeus Thompkins says:

      best part is that he is actually getting to plan this out in depth and that he is actually thinking in terms of Elseworlds for prokects outside of the main vision. This is what WB needed from the outset in handling the DC projects. really intrigued with some of these projects especially Superman: Legacy, as that term is really loaded.

    • pnut3844able says:

      I’ll never see that movie with that POS actor.

    • Burger gud says:

      Wait so are those 4 movies canon?

    • M.I.A says:

      @AnarchistBunny feel as though he hasn’t been given a chance yet not sure what happend in his personal life but he was a great part of justice league

    • AnarchistBunny says:

      as long as its not that dumbass person ezra miller Not be the flash, ill be fine who ever takes the part next. anyone but that person would be atleast decent.

  2. Victor Resto says:

    I appreciate this “face to face”. Glad that your giving public commitment to storytelling! I know not every movie or show will be a success. Giving the production teams opportunities to make unique takes on stories and characters, will keep me not only coming back long term, but, also to be looking forward to the next projects! You have my trust that you’ll guide the ship in a good direction Mr. Gunn! Looking forward to seeing these characters come back in your new vision for DC!

  3. Eric DeWitt says:

    Look James, I’m really happy to see that SOMEONE who cares about the fans and the content seems to be steering the ship and not a committee taking everything that could have been good and changing it into something it’s not. To be totally honest you had me at “Booster Gold” so I’m stoked. Anyone who thinks this won’t be a good time hasn’t seen Peacemaker. Here is to the next 5 years. I hope it pans out great!

    • Anon Smith says:


  4. Mason Ginn says:

    Can’t wait to see how consistent this line up of films and shows stays.

  5. Alberto says:

    While I don’t love all the projects I appreciate the variety and I really respect that the artist’s vision comes first. If for nothing else there is something for everyone and more obscure characters can get their story told.

    • Alberto says:

      @Nick Personally I just feel indifferent to most of the slate, but there are some I’m really excited for. I’m going to give each project a fair chance when they come out.

      I just wanted to emphasize while I personally am not excited for everything I do appreciate what James and Peter are doing. I sincerely hope each project finds its audience and that I can get hooked as well.

    • π says:

      @kinosis 79 and likely wont make a ton of money, still if the quality of the story and screenplay is good then it will be appreciated.

    • J Turner says:

      Almost everyone.

    • kinosis 79 says:

      @Nick Most of it isn’t interesting, at all.

    • Nick says:

      How you don’t like something that’s not out yet

  6. Lilo Rolland says:

    Just what DC fans needed, a clear concise message/feedback giving us at least “an idea” of what to expect/get hyped for, so we can continue to invest our time and money into “hopefully” good/great entertainment, the pressure is now on them to deliver…but they have my support on this, just a humble DC fan ✊🏼

  7. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    Loving how straightforward he is breaking this down. Really excited for upcoming DC movies!

  8. Nicholas garrick says:

    I’m honestly hyped how they’ve kinda slowly building up the universe by mixing in very few main DC faces with less known ones to build up to a justice league movie ,and sounds like DC finally has a chance to grow full support to James, and Peter am looking forward to seeing what they’ll bring us.

  9. David Osorio Maciel says:

    It’s good that DC Studios gives the characters from the Wildstorm universe an opportunity (perhaps for that reason they are giving relevance to the characters in the main universe of the comics), I really hope to see The Authority movie as a movie or series of Gen 13, I personally hope that Apollo and Midnighter are in the second season of Peacemaker.

  10. Torrance Over says:

    The guts for this man to say “marvelous” several times to describe his future DC projects, all the love and respect for James Gunn!

    • BoosterFett says:

      @Mohammad Nashit Siddiqui I think you’re thinking of Secret Invasion.. Secret Wars (the original and the newer version) were about Dr. Doom taking godlike powers and using them to control not just the universe (the original) but the multiverse (the newer one)

    • pnut3844able says:

      @Serry uhhhhhh no. No we’re not

    • pnut3844able says:

      @Odion Rita his “vision” is to out-woke marvel. Watch. I’ll bet my house on it

    • pnut3844able says:

      @Aryantz H good, DC is about to tank too with this woke wave that’s washing across this country

    • Rakoon Shampoo says:

      @Bzake It’s ironic that you say it has no correlation and yet somehow you still understood that OP was making a joke referencing Marvel Comics/Marvel Studios.

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