Character Teaser – “Neuvillette: Watcher in the Deep” | Genshin Impact

Character Teaser – “Neuvillette: Watcher in the Deep” | Genshin Impact

As a Fontainian playwright would tell you, if a member of the audience could somehow participate in the action on stage, perhaps they’d have a deeper understanding of what was actually going on.
Only when he emerged from the water and stepped onto the stage would he truly begin to understand the plot, the characters… even himself.

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35 Responses

  1. Ryza says:

    I’m more interested in this guy’s story quest than anyone else’s, so mysterious yet so calming.

    • Koko Rosie says:

      FR same he is like dainsleif but dragon

    • Ryza says:

      @Koko Rosie reminds me of kokomi, sadly they haven’t rlly gone into that aspect about her other than shrugging it off…

      looks like we might get answers in this case tho, i wonder if he has ties to the abyss as well.

    • Pedro Antunes says:

      @Ryza kokomi is the most bland character after ayaka, nobody cared about her so hoyo didnt even try to explore her story. Just like ayaka that supposedly was hoyo fav child, and she was thrown to the void when people didnt care about her as much as they tought

    • NorthWind says:

      What if he’s secretly the Archon instead of Furina?

    • MoTemo says:

      @Pedro Antunes lol this joke made me laugh first thing in the morning, thanks for making this day brighter already!

  2. Frost'n'Flame says:

    While everyone appreciate Neuvillette’s smile, Sedene’s waiting for him to finished zoning out is also adorable too. 😊
    Yes, her name is Sedene, Palais Mermonia’s (maybe) receptionist.

    • Akari Rei says:

      ohhh i thought it was Liath. since Sedene always has that uptight vibes about her.

      edit: nevermind, it is sedene. this must be a solid proof that they really love and look up to neuvillette because she was very strict when talking to others or when we interact with her in the palais memornia reception.

    • telkhines says:

      @Akari Rei If you believe the (very likely) theories, the Melusines and Neuvillette are siblings created by Elynas

    • Alejandro Corvalanne says:

      @telkhines If I’m not mistaken, Neuvilette is one of the Original Dragons; The Hydro Dragon. So it’s impossible for him to have been created by any other entity than the Dragon King himself.

    • •LANA• says:

      Stop how do people know Melusine’s names?! They are so many and look so similar I cannot tell the difference between them

    • Frost'n'Flame says:

      @Akari Rei I think so about her vibe too. But that might because that’s her work, since we’re just outsider wandering around her workplace.
      Also, I think of hers first because she’s the closest one to his room.

  3. Joshua W. says:

    Something about Neuvillette’s entire demeanor is just so much more interesting and appealing than every other character we’ve came across Teyvat and I’m loving it.

  4. Maya Moon says:

    Neuvillette is one of my all time favorite characters. He’s so interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about him

  5. Snowflake Shadow says:


  6. Flower Fx says:

    Вау! Он так прекрасен! Голос в английской озвучке такой восхитительный 😍

  7. Jirachi says:

    Neuvillette has gotta genuinely be one of the best characters they’ve ever made

  8. Like a Leaf in the Wind says:

    Man, this Nouviliette character certainly has quite the challenge laid out before him. I applaud Hoyoverse for developing their games to such refinement!

  9. MARCO DI NATALE says:

    I’ve never thought I needed to see Neuvilette smiling, and I’m glad he did it

  10. HelloRandomPerson says:

    Before Fontaine came out I thought he was going to be a cranky old man but he actually is a very sweet easy going guy, hoyo is great at making personalities

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