Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

Real Madrid take their substantive but not insurmountable 2-0 lead to Stamford Bridge, as a red hot Vini Jr. and Los Blancos hope to hold off Chelsea.

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54 Responses

  1. Andy Salguero says:

    I’m glad Rodrygo is finally being called up as a first player in the squad. He proved himself last year and did not fail this game. He is a gem just like Vini.

    • Francisco Lopez says:

      @MXSSI bruh it was 4-0 and it took Madrid one shot one goal, Chelsea had like 20 no goals, they’re fault

    • Aidan Alberto says:

      @Francisco Lopez most likely.. but you never know

    • JSA Studios says:

      @user-ht5ld3mp5u Madrid just signs a whole bunch of players hoping some of them will be a star.

    • Fernando Ramirez says:

      @MXSSI Real Madrid recovered the ball the whole game. I don’t know what you watched but you talking crazy if you think Real Madrid didn’t nothing the whole🤣🤣

    • MXSSI says:

      @Francisco Lopez Real Madrid was completely dead the whole game 💀. Ik you only watch google results to see what happened this whole game.

  2. Javier Navarro says:

    Valverde is such a monster. Ball carrier, aggression, pace, defense, every pass in the book accurately, insane work rate
    As a Barcelona but also football fan I am envious and in awe of Madrid’s ability to take on pressure, pick their moments and do damage. Insane level they managed to reach in Europe every season and consistently perform. Shame Barcelona missed out on Vini and Rodrygo, they are amazing wingers with high IQ but perhaps they would not have developed this way at Barca.

    • Iliyas Esoof says:

      I wish Barcelona had Madrid’s mentality

    • Turyan Rafaelli says:

      @FM Edukasi , ok!

    • CA M says:

      Yo! Liverpool fan here. When we were up 2-0 at Anfield I didn’t think they were coming back. They did. And they beat us 5-2. They can take the pressure, hurt you on counters and suddenly control the game. Valverde is a monster, but so is Modric, and Kroos lol. Cammaviga is doing a crazy good job at RB too. They are just quality in every position. Unreal. Kudos to them. Carlo is the real MVP over Pep, Jose, Klopp, Ferguson. He’s won it all. Except with Everton 😂

    • XCruz107 says:

      @Hopro0hello deja vu

    • Hopro0 says:

      @Luminous Kiwi 🥝 Madrid deserve the ucl because they beat a shambolic Chelsea team? Aston villa just beat this Chelsea side 2-0. And beating Liverpool is also nothing special this season. Nothing against Madrid, but they haven’t played strong enough sides yet to say they “deserve it”

  3. Kyle Newcomer says:

    Real Madrid are the epitome of a tournament team. It doesn’t matter how they’re fairing in La Liga, Copa del Rey etc. Once the Champions League gets under way, it’s simply THEIR tournament.

    • saiyan_og says:

      @Bruh Moment Manchester City has a great club without a doubt but Real Madrid is just built for the big stages. People thought they were gonna lose last year to them and Los Blancos came out on top still !!

    • flaziblaz says:

      Like the Chicago bulls during Jordan’s era

    • Notboutit says:

      @AJ _that’s why they’re more competitive they can physically out last many

    • Mr. J says:

      @Bruh Moment The way City defends with a high line, Vini and Rodrygo are going to have a field day!

    • Bruh Moment says:

      You saying that they already won? Manchester city is still in it and their teams form has been looking insane.

  4. Ash says:

    How is Camavinga playing as left back like he’s played there all his life. What a gem.

    • hapipe10 says:

      I think his positioning is bad but ball-winning and tackle are top-notch. Also, when press up the field the left back with a composure of a midfield is a huge additional.

    • RH says:

      He’s 20 years old and we got him for like $30mil? Murdryk was bought for $100 mil lmao. Papa Florentino buying diamonds for cheap lol

    • Ash Main says:

      @Nhat Nguyen no he cant.. HE Plays LB like a word class player😊

    • Fabian Garcia says:

      Valverde playing CM/RW/CDM/RB in the past… first time?

    • German Huerta says:

      He was known for good steals and good tackling in the midfield. I feel like his true potential is Midfield though. His ability to stop midfield and make plays down mid are crazy things to have.

  5. Andreina Rangel says:

    Yet again into the semi-finals. Carlito Ancelloti – 4 years at Real Madrid, 4 years in the semi-finals, 2 UCLs. World-Class manager.
    Come’on Florentino, time to extend Ancelotti’s contract!!

  6. T Williams says:

    Vini Jr. has got 2 be one of the most unselfish team oriented footballers I have ever seen. He’ll make a pass to get a sure goal rather than be selfish and attempt to get the glory for himself, he’s one rare type of footballer that actually puts the team ahead of his own accolades. Fair play to him.

    • bill tev says:

      I still could not understand why Tete failed dismally to totally utilize him during the world cup.

    • Billy L'INTREPIDE says:

      ​@Clodani Pierreyou obviously have not been watching real madrid these last 4 seasons.. Benzema and Casemiro got on Vini about hogging the ball in the even made waves in the Spanish press..stop acting like the last person said that Benzema taught Vini his skills 😂😂 that ain’t what we are saying

    • hans robert jean louis says:

      ​@Son of the Patriot kvararoben needs badly Ancelotti.

    • Son of the Patriot says:

      @Bryan G.H Ancelotti spanked his ass every time he was being selfish.

    • Joey Parker says:

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ the real question is does jesus ball?

  7. Omar Elazab says:

    Camavinga is a baller. The way he adapted his play to become a left back is elite

  8. Joshua says:

    Absolutely abysmal from Chelsea’s attack today. No single shot converted, despite the numerous chances. Feel sorry for James and Kepa.

  9. saiyan_og says:

    Rodrygo’s been on fire recently. Not surprised at all by his performance today, he’s proving that he belongs in the starting XL. Now Real Madrid advances to semi finals great job Los Blancos !!👑

    Also I’d be hard pressed not to give a shout-out to our goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Most will say Rodrygo was the man of the match but to me Courtois was the best player on the field today. He was extremely active and made huge saves this game. Easily one of his best performances of the year !!

    • Jerry B Nasty says:

      You’re not surprised by his performance? You totally expected it 😂

    • Cesar Meira says:

      @Anderson Brizuela you’re giving a really good point. Rodrygo creates space between the defenses for benzema and Vini

    • saiyan_og says:

      @Yumeko People said the same thing last year and we all know how that ended up lmao

    • Kameron Hudgins says:

      @Juicerock I mean dude changed killed man city last year and is about to do it again if they beat Bayern.

    • Anderson Brizuela says:

      ​@Juicerock just because he doesnt score everyone doesnt mean he’s doesnt do good, he creates a lot of space for benz and vini
      Teams know he’s a danger in the attack thats why they cover him more than when valverde plays RW, with Rodry we can actually play both flanks, when he’s not playing defenders target vini cause he’s the only one creating🤷‍♂️

  10. Ron Weasley says:

    Modric is 37 and still going off in the Champions league, and I’m sure he will be next year too

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