Chess Mod in Among Us

Chess Mod in Among Us

We try and escape a Chess Mod in Among Us

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23 Responses

  1. ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile says:

    imagine if someone made a chess rpg with rival kingdoms and the characters would be toy like entities and when you defeat someone in this game, they shatter into a pile of rubble.

  2. ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile says:

    I miss it when ssundee showed both the imposter AND crewmate rounds. It’s more fun that way, and makes the mods seem more unique.

  3. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I think a great idea would to rework the Evil AI mod and make it better, while still having some of the original elements, since that video was a pretty good one and a great mod.


    This man right here is the one reason why among us is still talked about.

  5. 🍑TАP T0 НAVE S*Х WIТ' МE says:

    You know its a good day when Ian uploads

  6. CharlieShorts says:

    Ian is the type of guy who made among us fun to watch and play again

  7. WewHew Cow says:

    you should show the content that you make with other people on a second channel, for example, when you played golf with zud.

  8. ResetQuality says:

    100% The most accurate representation of chess that I’ve seen. 10/10 video.

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