China vs. Japan Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

China vs. Japan Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Shohei Ohtani takes the mound as Japan looks to win their first game of the 2023 World Baseball Classic as they take on China.

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30 Responses

  1. Caesar says:

    even though the final score wasn’t close, it was closer than a lot of people thought. China played a great game but Japan was simply that much better

    • 俺は阿部君の男だ says:

      @Rowbare thanks!

    • Rowbare says:

      @俺は阿部君の男だ  part of the reason I was surprised China was so good was because I didn’t think a western sport like baseball would be popular there, it’s awesome you like baseball there is so many good youtube channels to watch I hope you can watch more baseball and maybe even watch the MLB

    • 俺は阿部君の男だ says:

      @Rowbare it’s unbelievably unpopular here in China😭 all my baseball knowledge and interest comes from Japanese animes…i think this is because there’s scarcely any baseball stadiums and any baseball course from primary school to colleges….

    • Rowbare says:

      I was impressed by the Chinese team, I am not sure how big the sport is there but they played well against a great team

  2. Holygiant says:

    China has a pretty good team for how unpopular the sport is there but Japan is just on a different level. Really flashy defensive plays all the time, SO many power hitters and of course Shohei

    • Kg 77 says:

      @C0CKROACH WHITE Absolutely no lol He is pure Japanese. And also I don’t understand why being big means from korea either lol

  3. luis Rodriguez says:

    Es una locura Ohtani…mete miedo ese equipo de Japon…

  4. Mont Guzmán says:

    Amazing game! And Ohtani just wow, his teammates also do great!

  5. Andrew4d says:

    Japan baseball is awesome!

  6. joel T says:

    Imagine being 19 and having to pitch in the world classic against Ohtani

  7. OHTANI says:

    Japanese baseball defense is perfect🔥🔥🔥

  8. Gabriel Vazquez says:

    Gotta love Japan baseball

  9. Spike WONG says:

    Ohtani is in different size compare to Chinese player. And the speed of the ball is extremely faster.

  10. Jonny Maximum says:

    Japan was otherworldly, but there’s a chance for some serious growth in Chinese baseball. They were very impressive and the score would’ve reflected that better if not for the late inning collapse. Kudos to them!

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